Customizing catalog pages

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Customize the look and feel of your catalog with the help of several preset Design options in your Control Panel.

If you can't find these options at the Design page in your Control Panel, most likely you have an old version of the Control Panel and storefront. Let us know and we'll enable the new version for you.

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Changing content alignment

The listing pages offer options to change the alignment of your content to center, left-align, right-align, or justify (the name will be on the left and the price will be on the right).

Aligning content

Displaying product details

Product details can always display, show only when the mouse is over the product, or be completely removed. You can also enable a frame around the product cards and display an image from the product gallery when a customer hovers over the main picture.

Displaying product details

Positioning category names

Adjust the position of the category names to match the style of your images. If the category images are identical or follow the same style, you can display their names right on the images. For the category images that are styled differently, you can add the names below them. Category names can be displayed when a customer hovers over the image or completely hidden.

Position category names

See out guide on how to change the design of product pages with preset design options.
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