How online payments work

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Your payment provider must process credit card and PayPal payments before the funds are added to your merchant account. This process has several stages:

  1. The customer clicks Continue when checking out on the billing details page. When redirected to the payment provider’s website, the customer enters their credit card data and confirms the payment.
  2. Next, the payment provider requests payment from the card's issuing bank. If the card is valid and the account has sufficient funds, the card issuer authorizes the transaction and releases the funds to the payment provider.
    If there is an issue, the card's issuing bank declines the transaction.
  3. After charging the customer, the payment is transferred to your merchant account with the payment provider.
    The payment provider automatically sends the transaction information (a callback request) to Ecwid and Ecwid updates the order status to Paid.
    If the transaction was declined, the payment provider sends a corresponding callback to Ecwid and Ecwid sets the order status to Cancelled.

The order statuses are available in your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales.

See the full list of payment providers that you can use in Ecwid.

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