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The Store Profile page in your Ecwid Control Panel stores the basic information about your company, store and location.

To access this page go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Store Profile.

There are several blocks of settings on the Store Profile page:

  1. Closing store for maintenance
    In this block you can temporarily close the storefront from customers.

Add Store Location

  1. Store information: Store Name, Store Location and Time zone
    Here you can specify the name of your online store that will be visible to your customers in the online storefront, email notifications and invoices, add a web address of your online store and select the time zone that will be used in data export, order details and email notifications.

Add Store information

  1. Company details: Company Name, Email, Address and Contact information
    Here you can specify your legal business name, address and contact email that will be visible to your customers in email notifications and on invoices.

    To set the email address from which Ecwid will send mail notifications to the customers on your behalf go to Settings → Mail.

    The company address is also copied to the Shipping Origin address that you can manage in your Ecwid Control Panel → Shipping and Pickup.

 Add Company Information  

  1. Setup Wizard
    The Setup Wizard guide you through the main store settings and help you launch your online store quicker. Click Proceed to Wizard to complete the store setup.
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