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Ecwid is already great out of the box – you have many shipping options, payments, tax settings and storefront layout changes available. See the full list of Ecwid features.

However, all businesses are different and all of them have their own needs. And we have solutions for 99% of them! For those that need more than out of the box features, we have several customization options. Let us help you find the one that suits you best.

In this article:

Browse ready solutions

Get to your goal as quickly as possible with existing customization methods shared publicly.

Search the Ecwid Help Center or the Ecwid App Market for something you are interested in.

Create your own solution

Ready solutions work well for most of merchants. If you still require that extra bit to make the store your own, Ecwid has options for you.

I want to do it myself

Ecwid API has a killer set of features for store customization: creating custom product galleries and catalogs, getting notifications on store events, transfer store data to your database and vice versa, and many more.

You need development experience to use the API. If you are comfortable with handling the code, check Ecwid's developer documentation.

I want someone to do it for me

If developing solutions on your own is not an option – it’s okay! There are plenty of alternatives for you to choose from:

  1. Contact Ecwid Customization team. They have helped many merchants complete their vision with custom development. See some of the merchants’ reviews in the Ecwid blog.
  2. Reach out to Ecwid Experts. They provide services on wide range of store customizations: design, general custom development, store setup and marketing. Pick your preferred partner and adapt Ecwid to your needs!
  3. Do you have a friend or an acquaintance who has programming knowledge? Hire them to build a custom solution for you if that’s your preferred method. Ecwid API is easy and accessible. And if they have a question – our support team will help them.

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