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With Google Shopping Ads you can advertise your products across Google and reach plenty of potential customers who are already searching for your products online at the time they are most likely to start shopping.

If you have an Ecwid store, advertising with Google Shopping Ads is a breeze. You can easily use it even if you do not have a merchant account with Google Shopping and have no idea how to advertise there. You can launch the campaign right from your Ecwid Control Panel – no need to create a Google Merchant account and login there.

Automated Google Shopping Ads are available on Venture and higher tier plans. Upgrade to get this feature

You can start advertising in three steps:
Step 1: Select the target audience for your ad campaign
Step 2: Choose the products you want to advertise
Step 3: Launch your campaign 🚀

Here is a quick video on how to advertise your store on Google:

The customers who search Google will see your ads with images and prices – this makes it easier for them to select your product and buy it:

Products in Google search results

Ecwid provides you with the real-time stats and control over your campaigns. Listing your products is just the beginning. In your Ecwid Control Panel, you can see granular performance data and make tweaks to optimize your campaign, which saves you time and money.

Next steps

Now it is time to set up advertising with Google Shopping Ads!

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