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Showing sincere gratitude is a good way to build a closer relationship with your customers, thus increasing brand loyalty, and stand out against competitors.

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Online shopping eliminates personal communication between a seller and a buyer, so a simple thank you note can make your customers feel cherished and happy. Happy customers are usually repeat customers who are also likely to spread positive feedback about you among their close ones.

When you thank your customers for their purchases, you increase their loyalty, provide excellent customer care and show the human aspect of your brand.

Below we cover a few simple, time-saving ideas how to say thank you to your customers.

Send thank you cards

A handwritten thank you note shows your customers that there is a real person behind the screen who approaches them individually.

If you’d like to eliminate the hassle of signing cards manually, try the Ecwid – Thankster integration. Each time a customer pays for a new order, a handwritten Thank you card will be automatically mailed out to the customer’s address via Thankster on your behalf:

Sample cards by Thankster

Offer discounts after purchase

You can reward a customer for buying from you and encourage them to come back by offering a discount coupon for their next purchase that you can send out in the editable Order confirmation email:

Sample coupon code in email

If you’d prefer tangible gift cards, you can generate as many unique codes as you need with the Coupon Generator app for Ecwid and insert the cards with printed codes into the package.

Showcase your customers

Spotlight your loyal customers on your website and publicly show how much you value them. On your Instant Site there is a special content section for customers testimonials, where you can feature your clients’ feedback and build strong customer relationships:

Sample customer feedback on Starter Site

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