Migrating your store from Tictail to Ecwid

With Tictail closing by April 2019, Tictail merchants are looking for alternative solutions. Ecwid is one of the options: it allows to create a powerful and professional-looking online store in five minutes, no coding required.

Ecwid has a free plan – so you can test and see everything from inside before moving forward and upgrading. It is easy to add the store to your existing website, the social page or blog and it has unlimited bandwidth and storage included. Check out the overview of the key features Ecwid can offer.

This is the guide on how to migrate your store to Ecwid from Tictail.

Step 1: Register an Ecwid account and configure basic settings

Before you start the migration process, there are two steps you need to make:

  1. Register an Ecwid account
    If you will be selling under 10 products, you can use the free account. If you have a large product catalog and you will sell more than 10 products, you are welcome to upgrade the account to one of the paid Ecwid plans.
  2. Complete the initial setup
    Add your store address, company details, currency, and other general store settings.

Step 2: Transfer your products from Tictail to Ecwid

When your Ecwid account is configured, you can proceed to transfer the products from Tictail.

There are three options you can use to migrate your product data. Select the one that works best for you.

Upload products

You can download the product data from Tictail and upload it to the Ecwid Catalog:

  1. Export your products from Tictail in a CSV file.
  2. Edit the file in a spreadsheet editor so that it complies with the CSV file format supported in Ecwid. See an example of Tictail sample CSV file formatted for Ecwid.
  3. Go to Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products.
  4. Click Import Products:

Click Import Products

  1. Here is a screenshot of the import settings you need to have to upload a file formatted as the sample file:

Import settings

  1. Upload your file:

Click Choose file

  1. Click Import:

Click Import

  1. When the import is complete, your products will appear in your catalog in Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products.

Copy and paste content from your old store

This way is suitable for transferring small amounts of content. If you need to migrate a lot of data, consider importing products or uploading them via API.

Check the guide on adding products to find out how to add the product details manually.

Upload products via API

This way works best for migrating large amounts of products. You will need to have a custom app to get the product details from your existing store and transfer them to Ecwid using the Product API platform.

If you wish you can order the app from our customization team. Tell us more about your needs by filling out the form and we will get in touch to discuss the price and further details.

Step 3: Upload your customer list to Ecwid

There are several options available for migrating the customer database from Tictail.

Upload your list of customers manually

You can create a list of customer names and emails in a spreadsheet editor and upload it to Ecwid.

Follow the guide on importing customer details to migrate your existing customer list to Ecwid.

Upload your customer list via API

You will need a custom app to get the customer details from your Tictail and transfer them to Ecwid using the Customer API platform.

If you wish you can order the app from our customization team. Tell us more about your needs by filling out the form and we will get in touch to discuss the price and further details.

Step 4: Complete shipping, payment and tax configuration

When you have completed the most time-consuming steps for transferring the product and customer data to your new store, it’s time to configure the shipping fees, payment options and tax rates.

Follow the guides to set up shipping fees and offer pickup options for your customers.

To start accepting money online in your new store, you can choose from several options. The easiest way is to enable PayPal or Square. You can also choose one of 45+ integrated payment gateways, configure a custom payment method or offer a way to pay directly to your bank account or in person.

For collecting the taxes, you can enable the automatic tax calculation (for US, Canada, Australia and EU) or set up the manual tax rates.

Step 5: Add your store to website, Facebook and Instagram

Even if you do not have a website for hosting your newly created Ecwid store, you can start selling with the Ecwid Instant Site as your online storefront. It is a free mobile-friendly website with your store.

Alternatively you can add your Ecwid store to your existing website or social page. Visit our Help Center to view a collection of step-by-step guides on adding Ecwid to the most popular sitebuilders and CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, Webydo and others).

You can also add your Ecwid store to Facebook and Instagram and sell from all the platforms simultaneously!

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