Advertising products with Google Smart Shopping

Have no time for ads setup and management? You can promote your products via Google Smart Shopping ads to find customers across Google. The free integration of Ecwid with Google Smart Shopping (powered by Kliken) automates campaign setup, then the Google Smart Shopping service automates your bids, and ad placements by using machine learning. Your shopping ads appear in front of potential and existing customers in Google Search, Youtube, Gmail, and Display Network, in both mobile and desktop.

You can fully set up Google Smart Shopping in your Ecwid admin in a few clicks.


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You need to sell to one of the supported countries . The Google Shopping integration doesn't support Google beta countries.

Setting up a Google Smart Shopping campaign

The setup of Google Smart Shopping is fully automated by Ecwid and Kliken. To get started using it:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Marketing → Google Ads.
  2. Click Enable in the Automated Google ads section.
  3. Click +New Shopping Campaign.
  4. Pick a country (you can only select one country per campaign) and a language (your ads will be shown to people who have selected this language in their browser settings):

Target by country

  1. Click Continue to Categories and pick the right Google category for your store to make sure your ad shows up in the right search results:

Select a category for your store

  1. Choose what products you want to advertise and in what condition (New, Refurbished or Used). If you don’t use categories in your Ecwid store, all products will be automatically selected for ads. If you want to advertise specific products only, put them in categories in your store first and then select these categories for the campaign:

Choose products

  1. Review your campaign. If any errors are indicated, follow the instructions on how to fix them and then click I fixed this, Refresh my store button.
  2. Preview the ad:

Preview your ad

  1. Click Continue to Purchase and choose the preferred budget package to launch your low-effort Smart Shopping campaign.

It’s that fast and easy. The new Smart technology will figure out the best time and place to show ads to your new and existing shoppers. You can check how your campaign performs in your Ecwid admin, go to Marketing → Google Ads → Manage,  Stats tab.

Smart Shopping: best practices

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when setting up or managing your Google Smart campaign:

Optimize your catalog. Smart Shopping campaigns use your product feed to generate ads - they borrow images and pieces of descriptions from your catalog. For your ads to be a success, make sure to

  • categorize products wisely in your store so that they sit in the right categories and subcategories;
  • optimize your product titles and descriptions for relevance by including high-value keywords into them;
  • use product images of high quality and free of watermarks in your store.

Target all your products. It is recommended by Google that the selection of products for your new campaign is comparable to campaigns you've run in the past. Add as many products as are applicable to your campaign for maximum performance and simplicity.

Pause other campaigns. Smart Shopping combines standard Shopping and Display remarketing. If you are using those campaign types in your existing Google Ads account, you should pause them before targeting the same products with Smart Shopping in order to minimize the interference on the machine learning of Smart Shopping campaigns.

Give it time. Because Smart Shopping campaigns use machine learning, it takes time to optimize your campaign for your specific budget, products, and audience. Wait a couple of weeks before you start evaluating campaign performance.

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