Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace focused mostly on handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. If you sell these types of items, consider using Etsy as another sales channel and another way to attract new customers.

You can upload your Ecwid products to Etsy using the Trimpo app from our App Market. With Trimpo, you can sell your Ecwid products on an Etsy shop without any worries. You can keep managing the store from one place — your Ecwid admin, where you can manage products and track new orders from both Ecwid and from Etsy.

Plan availability: Business, Unlimited. Upgrade
Trimpo pricing varies from free to $20+ / month. Free trial available.
Etsy charges $0.20 USD for each listing + additional selling fees.

Connecting Ecwid to Etsy

To sell on Etsy, first you need to create an Etsy shop. Once your Etsy shop is set up, you can connect it to your Ecwid account and upload your products.

Step 1. Create a shop on Etsy

To create a shop on Etsy:

  1. Go to Etsy and click Open your Etsy shop. Create an account.
  2. Follow the set-up wizard that you see to create your new shop:
    • Shop preferences. Choose the language, currency, and country of your store.
    • Name your shop. This will be the store name that customers will see on Etsy.
    • Stock your shop. Add at least one product during this step. Stocking a product is required for account creation. You can delete this product after you upload your Ecwid catalog.
    • How you’ll get paid. Choose how you will receive payments for orders placed on Etsy.
    • Set up billing. Choose the payment method that you will use to pay for listings and other Etsy fees.

Done! Your Etsy shop has been created. Now you can upload products from your Ecwid store to Etsy.

Step 2. Uploading Ecwid products to Etsy

Make sure that all the products in your Ecwid store have descriptions as Etsy doesn’t allow uploading products without descriptions.

You can upload products from your Ecwid store to Etsy by using the Trimpo app:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, install the Trimpo app.
  2. In Trimpo, click Connect under Etsy.
  3. Choose I already have an account and log into your Etsy account.
  4. Click Create a trading rule. A trading rule is mandatory in the Trimpo app. You can’t upload products if you don’t have at least one trading rule.
  5. Open the Etsy products tab and click Add in the upper right corner to upload your Ecwid products to Etsy.
  6. On the products page, tick products that you want to add. Then click Step 2 in the bottom right corner.


  1. Choose the category that your products will be uploaded to. If your products belong to different categories, tick and upload products one by one, or choose groups of products that should be uploaded to the same category.
  2. Choose a trading rule and a category for your selected products. Click Add products to Etsy.

Follow these same steps to add more products from your Ecwid store to Etsy.

Step 3. Set up shipping and taxes in Etsy

When you connect Etsy to your Ecwid store, only your products are uploaded to Etsy. Shipping and tax settings that you have in your Ecwid store are not carried over to Etsy. You will need to set up the shipping and tax settings in Etsy. You can use the same settings or select different shipping and tax rates in your Etsy account.

Please refer to these Etsy guides for recommendations and instructions on how to set up your Etsy shop:

Once everything is set up, products from your Ecwid store will appear on Etsy where they can be purchased. Your Ecwid store and Etsy shop will be synched this way:

  • All product changes made in Ecwid are synced with Etsy. Whenever you change a product’s price, stock, description or anything else, it will be updated on Etsy as well. That means that your products on Etsy are always up-to-date and you don’t need to worry about overselling.
  • New orders from Etsy will appear in your Ecwid store. Like with orders made directly in your Ecwid online store, you will get notified about a new order via email and in the mobile app (Android or iOS) if you use one. Thus, you won’t miss any new orders no matter where they were placed.
If you disable a product in Ecwid, it’s removed from your Ecwid storefront. On the Etsy side, the product’s stock is changed to zero and it becomes unavailable for purchase as well.

Uploading products from Etsy to Ecwid

It is also possible to sell products you already have on Etsy in your Ecwid store. You will need to upload products from Etsy to Ecwid and sync them. Here is how to do that:

  1. Export products from Etsy to Ecwid following these instructions: Migrating to Ecwid from Etsy.
  2. From your Ecwid admin, install the Trimpo app and log into your existing Etsy account.
  3. In your Trimpo account, go to the Products tab. Here you should see products from both your Etsy and Ecwid catalog. Now you need to sync them, i.e. link a product from Ecwid to the same product on Etsy.
  4. Tick two matching products → click Edit in the upper right corner → Merge products.
  5. Repeat the steps and merge all the products that you want to sync.

Once you’ve linked all the products, your products will sync between Ecwid and Etsy. Any changes made in Ecwid will reflect on Etsy. Also new orders from Etsy will appear in your Ecwid admin.

If you have any questions about Trimpo or how to set up the Etsy shop, contact the developers of Trimpo directly at They specialize in marketplaces, so they are very knowledgeable and will be happy to help you with the correct setup and answer any other questions.

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