Connecting domain to Ecwid Instant Site

In order to create a more professional looking Ecwid Instant Site, you can connect your Ecwid site to a custom domain name. This custom domain is the address that customers enter into the browser address bar in order to open your online store.

To connect your domain name to your Ecwid Instant Site, you should first buy a domain name from If you already have a domain name (through or another site), simply connect it with your Ecwid Instant Site.

Your custom domain has to be set up through both your Ecwid admin and your domain registrar account. While this might sound complicated, we can easily guide you through the entire process — so don’t worry. After everything is set up and connected, your store will open at your domain name through a secure HTTPS connection (i.e. the link begins with https:// and shows a secured padlock in the browser address bar).

You can use a custom domain on any paid plan. If you downgrade to a Free Ecwid plan, your custom domain will be replaced with a free Ecwid subdomain.
Select a Venture, Business, or Unlimited plan for your store to connect a custom domain name.
A free SSL certificate is included.

Setting up the domain in the Ecwid admin

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Website.
  2. Find the “Domain name and site address” section and click Change Address.
  3. In the appeared pop-up, put your custom domain name in the "Use your own domain name" field:

Set up your domain for ecwid store

  1. Copy the IP address that you see below the "Use your own domain name" field (that may be,, or You will need this IP later to set up the domain in the account:

Copy IP address from Ecwid admin

5. Click Save.

Setting up the domain in the account

To connect your custom domain name to your Ecwid Instant site:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. From the Account Dashboard section, hover on the Domains and click Manage:

Manage domains at

  1. Find your domain and click Manage:

Manage domain in account

  1. Under Advanced technical settings, find A and click Edit IP Address Records:

Advanced technical settings in account

  1. In a new A-record, put @ in the first field and paste the IP-address that you previously copied from your Ecwid admin (,, or to the points to field:

Create A record at

  1. Tick the Delete checkboxes next to all other A-records that you may see on this page. To make the domain work with your Instant site, there must be only one A-record — the one pointing to Ecwid IP address:

Delete A records in account

  1. Click Continue.
  2. Click Continue again to confirm that you want to delete the selected A-records. The changes in A records will be saved and now you can add a CNAME.
  3. Go to your account by clicking Manage account in the upper right corner.
  4. Under My accounts, click on your domain name to edit it:

Manage your domain at

  1. Under Advanced technical settings, find CNAME and click Edit Domain Aliases Records:

Add new CNAME at

  1. In this new record, put www in the first field and in the points to field, enter your root domain such as

Create new CNAME at

  1. Click Continue to save the changes.

That’s it! Your own domain name is set up. It may take up to 12-24 hours for changes to propagate, but usually it happens within a couple of hours. After that, your Instant Site will open at your domain name (for example, and a subdomain with www (for example, The SSL certificate will be added automatically and there will be a green secure padlock in the browser address bar showing that your store is secure.

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