Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is a popular carrier in France providing home and pickup deliveries through its own network of pickup points. Though there is no automatic integration between Ecwid and Mondial Relay service, you can add delivery options with their rates manually and then confirm with buyers where they are going to pick up their orders.

Setting up Mondial Relay manually

To set up Mondial Relay delivery options in your Ecwid online store, follow these steps:

Step 1. Check the Mondial Relay rates that they charge for sending orders of a certain weight to a pickup point or a customer location. This will help you charge your customers the delivery costs that are not lower than your actual delivery expenses.

Step 2. Add Mondial delivery options in your store for different order weights and areas that you sell to:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the Shipping & Delivery block, click +Add Shipping Method.
  3. Find Mondial Relay in the list and click Set Up Mondial Relay.
  4. In the Custom Rates block, click Set Up Custom Rates.
  5. Set up a delivery option:
    • Specify the name of the delivery method, customers will see it at checkout:

Name of delivery option

    • Specify what customers should pay for an order of a certain weight by adding weight ranges and respective rates. Example:

Delivery costs

Learn more about setting up custom rates based on weight ranges.
    • Add the description for the delivery method that your customers will see at checkout. For example, what is the expected transit time.
    • Select the area where this delivery option applies (See: Adding and managing destination zones):

Destination zone

    • Click Save & Finish.
  1. If you sell to customers in various areas, repeat the above steps to add delivery methods with other rates for each destination zone.

All done. Now at checkout the customers from the areas where you sell and deliver goods see the delivery options that apply to their order weight and their address:

Customer experience

After receiving the order, you can contact the buyer to clarify what Mondial Relay pickup point in their area they will pick their parcel from.

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