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Curbside pickup

You can offer a carry-out option to your local customers so that they can order products online, then stop by your place and pick their products “curbside”. This curbside pickup option is great for local sellers such as local restaurants taking online orders, stores selling groceries, and similar businesses.

Read more about setting up a сurbside pickup for your business in the Ecwid Blog.

Setting up a curbside pickup for e-commerce

To set up a curbside pickup in your Ecwid online store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the Self Pickup block, click +Add Pickup.
  3. Set the name for this delivery option — customers will see it at checkout. For example, Curbside pickup (or Drive-through, Carry-out, Take-away, To-go).
  4. Add the Detailed instructions for customers — describe how, where, and when your customers can pick up their orders. Remember to include the phone number of your pickup location so that customers can call you when they are at the curbside.  Example:

Pickup location: 2285 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN
Open: 9AM – 6PM Mon-Fri
To request the curbside pickup, call 1.809.2345.123, when you are outside the pickup location and we will bring your order to you.

Curbside pickup

You can also require your customers to leave their phone number at checkout. For this, turn on  the Require phone number at checkout setting in your Ecwid admin, General → Settings → Cart & Checkout.
  1. (optional) Enable the Ask for Pickup Date and Time at checkout option if you want your customers to specify when they are going to pick their order.

Then set up the Pickup Date and Time option:
— set your business hours — choose the days and hours when you are open.
— set your order fulfillment time — your store will take this period into account when showing an available pickup time to your customers.

Pickup date and time

  1. Click Add Pickup Option.
  2. Repeat the above steps for other pickup locations if you have several.

Now when ordering online your customers can choose to pick up their orders curbside: 

Curbside shopping

You can view all order details, including the pickup location that customers selected for their order, in the Orders page in your store admin, as well as in New Order notification that you’ll get by email. You can also receive push notifications about all new orders with the Ecwid mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Next steps

If you’ve just started taking orders online, you can improve customer experience by following these steps:

  1. Sell from your own website. With the ready solution from Ecwid – Instant Site – you can set up your own website in no time.
  2. Connect your own domain with Instant site or use the neutral free subdomain that comes with it.
  3. Set up contactless online payment methods.
  4. Offer gift cards to your customers.
  5. Add legal pages such as Delivery policy and Refund policy.
  6. Download the Ecwid mobile app for iOS or Android to manage your business on the go.
  7. Add staff accounts to get some help in managing your store.
  8. Share links to your online store with the local community and start accepting orders.

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