Ecwid updates 2021

Check out Ecwid updates and see what new features you now have in your store.


Google analytics 4

Power up your business with stats and reports from Google Analytics 4. It’s a new generation of Google Analytics and it’s now available in Ecwid. So, if you’ve been waiting to try it out in your store, you can do it. And if you’ve registered in Google Analytics only recently, just go and enter that ID in your Ecwid admin, and you’re all set!

International shipping labels

International sales are now easier than ever with the new feature of buying and printing international shipping labels. US-based stores can now buy shipping labels for USPS international shipments right from the Ecwid admin. Rates are lower than retail rates at the post office, and order details are inserted automatically. Plus, USPS includes insurance in some shipments, so no need to worry about that.

Status page

We updated the Ecwid status page, so it’s shiny new. Status page shows how different parts of your Ecwid store operates, like storefront, checkout, billing, and so on. What is more, you can now subscribe to the current incident (if that ever happens) and get updates on email about the status of the incident. That way, you will always be aware of how Ecwid operates at the moment.


Recurring subscriptions

Drumroll, please. Because now you can sell products and services with recurring subscriptions, meaning your customers can pay you on a repeated schedule. New feature works for stores with the Stripe payment method. The billing cycle can be set to daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Once you set up recurring subscriptions, your customers will see a price along with a period of the subscription in your storefront:



New Instant Site

Create a splendid website for your online store with the new Ecwid Instant Site. Add blocks to tell your brand’s story, showcase your products and share customers’ testimonials. You can organize the order of blocks the way you want, change content, and adjust design to match your brand look and feel in no time. Add links to your social media, action links to different sections of your site, store menu to create better customer experience.

Bulk product editor

Tired of updating catalog through CSV? Now you can mass update products right from your Ecwid admin. Bulk Product Editor allows you to edit name, SKU, price, stock, shipping settings, and more. You can also edit product variations with it. It’s also possible to instantly enable, disable, or delete selected products and to assign/remove categories in bulk.

New payment methods for the UK

More payment solutions for the UK-based shops. Now you can add PaymentSense and Dojo payment methods to your online stores.

Selling on Walmart

Grow your business by adding your store to one of the largest marketplaces in the US, Walmart Marketplace. You can now list your products on Walmart right from Ecwid with the help of the Codisto app. When you sell on Walmart Marketplace with Ecwid, you can manage products and orders from your Ecwid admin. If you sync the stock between the two services, you may be safe that there won’t be overselling.


Creating tax invoices

Now it’s easier to manage your taxes if you sell in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, India, or any other country where invoices are required by law to calculate taxes. You can generate tax invoices automatically or manually and customize the template before sending the invoice to your customers. It is possible to create both regular invoices and negative ones. You can print or download individual tax invoices or download invoices in bulk from your Ecwid admin.

Adding tax-included prices

Great news for customers from Europe, India, Australia, and New Zealand! You can now enter tax-included prices for your products, e.g. the ones that already include VAT in the cost of an item. It’s up to you to decide whether to use gross or net prices in your store. So if you get used to work with the tax-included prices, you can now do it with Ecwid.

Ecwid Help Center is available in Italian

Ciao! We’ve added Italian to the list of languages we write articles in. You can now read our knowledge base in Italian. Every week you can read new articles we translated.

Customizing product ribbons and categories in bulk

Need to quickly update product ribbons? You can now add, update or delete product ribbons in bulk in a snap of fingers right from your Ecwid admin. That comes in handy when you want to run a sale and need to highlight most of your products, or if you change the store design and want to adjust ribbon’s colors to match the style. You can also assign and remove categories for products in bulk.

Dropshipping with Spocket and Syncee

You can now connect your store with two popular dropshipping services — Spocket and Syncee. Both methods are connected via the apps from Ecwid App Market. With dropshipping, a third-party company (usually, it’s a manufacturer or a wholesaler or a fulfillment company) produces, stores, packs, and ships products, so all you have to do is to promote and sell products in your store.


Connecting with Katana

Are you manufacturing your own goods? Then it’s great news for you. You can connect your store to Katana — an inventory management service for direct-to-consumer manufacturing brands. Katana helps you track raw materials and finished goods, calculate operations costs, and more. Once you connect your store to Katana, your orders will be transferred from Ecwid to Katana so you will know what goods need to be manufactured.


Pay What You Want pricing

Erase the maximum price ceiling in your store by offering customers to pay what they want. With Pay what you want pricing option you can let shoppers name their own price for your products and accept donations. Just limit the minimum price and indicate recommended prices if you want to. Customers will be able to pay any amount above the recommended minimum.


Delivery through service points in Europe

Now you can add popular carrier services from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK to your store and let customers choose to pick their orders from delivery service points. You can add pick point delivery through the SendCloud app.

Approximate delivery date at checkout

Your customers now can see the estimated delivery date during the checkout. The delivery date is calculated based on how long you prepare the order, your business days and hours, and estimate transit time. You can customize all these while setting up the delivery. A clearly stated delivery date creates a better customer experience making it easier for shoppers to choose the carrier.

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