Managing sales, inventory and customers between Vend and Ecwid

Once your Ecwid and Vend accounts are connected, store is set up, products are successfully imported, and you got sales, then Ecwid will sync important information back to Vend such as order information and inventory levels. Sales processed in Vend do not sync to Ecwid.

Plan availability: Business and Unlimited.

Managing and syncing orders

Once integrated, fully paid (with order status “Paid”) Ecwid sales will automatically synchronize to Vend and appear in the Sales History (Sell → Sales History). Sales that are Awaiting Payment in Ecwid do not sync to Vend. Sales processed in Vend do not sync to Ecwid.

Fully paid sales will sync from Ecwid to Vend as Completed, regardless of fulfilment status in Ecwid, and order fulfillments should be managed in your Ecwid admin.

This sales sync is enabled by default; if you wish to turn sales sync off, edit synchronization settings by disabling Post Ecwid Sales to Vend option.

Read more about processing orders and managing orders in Ecwid →

Managing stock levels

Once integrated, inventory tracking is enabled by default and inventory levels will automatically update between Vend and Ecwid when a sale or inventory change takes place on either platform.

Inventory is removed from the Vend Outlet attached to the chosen register assigned in the Vend Settings in Ecwid when a sale is synced from Ecwid to Vend.

If you wish to turn inventory syncing off, edit synchronization settings by disabling Update Ecwid with inventory changes from Vend option.

Managing customer data

Existing customers

When a sale is synced from Ecwid to Vend, email addresses will be matched to customer profiles in Vend, given that the customer uses the same email address in Ecwid.

If the email address matches an existing customer profile in Vend, but the names on the order and profile do not match, customers details will not be overridden and the customer profile will be assigned based on the email address.

New customers

For customers that do not have a customer profile in Vend, when an order syncs from Ecwid to Vend, a new customer profile will be created using the email address and the name attached to order.

If no name is available, the email will be used as the customer name in Vend.

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