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Custom payment gateway integration for Ecwid stores

Ecwid offers more than 70 payment gateways to accept credit card payments in your store. 

It’s possible to add a payment method that is not in the list, such as your local payment gateway. This can be done by either creating a custom integration using the Ecwid Payment API on your own, or by hiring the Ecwid Ecommerce custom development team for a fee. The Ecwid team will connect your store with a payment provider of your preference.

A custom payment gateway can be added alongside any other supported payment gateways already linked to your Ecwid account.

Why Ecwid’s custom development team

The Ecwid custom development team is a specialized group of developers dedicated to assisting you with integrating payment methods (and other solutions that Ecwid does not have out of the box) into the store. Here are some benefits of working with the team:

  • Extensive expertise in Ecwid ecommerce development.
  • Strong development team: You’ll get a project manager, developers, and QA expert to expedite the project completion.
  • Years of experience: With over a hundred successful integrations of various payment systems. Notable examples include Payoneer, Sezzle, Fac-payment, Ottu-payment, Payplug-payment, and Rapid-paypro-payment.
  • Timely project delivery.


Custom development is a paid service, and the price depends on the complexity of the request. Usually, payment integration for one store account takes about 12 development hours. Please, submit a request to receive an estimate quote.

6 hours of custom development are included in the annual Unlimited plan.
2 hours of custom development are included in the annual Business plan.

Before you apply

Please prepare some info below before you apply. This information will help to speed up the process.

  1. Payment gateway name.
  2. API docs in English (it might be a link or a file, as you wish).
  3. Your payment gateway credentials or a link to the test account/sandbox.
  4. Type of payment option you would like to implement (payments by credit cards or any others).
  5. Specify the store account/accounts.

Application form

Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 1-2 business days with the cost calculation. Thank you!

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