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Selling on Miinto with the Koongo app

Miinto is one of the largest marketplaces for fashion in Europe with around 2 million unique monthly visitors. Adding your brand on Miinto will help you reach out to a large number of loyal customers all over Europe.

To start selling on Miinto, connect your Ecwid online store to Miinto with the Koongo app from the Ecwid App Market. The app will allow you to connect your catalog with your Miinto account so that shoppers can order your goods directly from the marketplace.

The app is $24+ per month with a free month trial. The Koongo subscription is paid separately from the Ecwid subscription.

Plan availability: Business, Unlimited.

Connecting Ecwid to Miinto via the Koongo app

Connecting your Ecwid store with Miinto via the Koongo app will allow you to:

  • Sync inventory. The stock of a product is synchronized between Miinto and Ecwid, preventing you from overselling.
  • Sync product details. The Koongo app uploads all information about the product from your Ecwid product catalog to Miinto: images, titles, prices, and variations so that all the data appears on the marketplace.

To connect Ecwid store to Miinto marketplace:

  1. Request a Miinto account.
  2. From your Ecwid admin, go to Apps → App Market.
  3. Find the Koongo app and click Install.
  4. Click Open Koongo account. You will be redirected to your Koongo account.
  5. In the menu on the left, navigate to Dashboard and click Add New:


  6. Click Add Connection and choose Miinto.
  7. Fill in your Miinto account username and password and click Get Available Stores.
  8. Select Shop Location and set Activate Order Synchronization to ACTIVE from the Order Configuration and save the settings. Shop Location is your actual store location.
  9. Once you set up the connection, you are moved automatically to the Order List tab. Click the synchronize orders button at the top right corner:


That’s it. Now your store and Miinto profile are connected. The next step is to set up your catalog so that products are displayed correctly on Miinto.

Setting up Miinto configuration in the Koongo app

Before your products appear on Miinto, you need to make sure everything is set up correctly.

The setup can be challenging so instead of setting up yourself, you can contact the Koongo support that will provide help.

To modify various parameters for your products and orders in the Koongo app by yourself:

  1. Once you connect your store to Miinto, in your Koongo account select Channels in the menu on the left and choose your Miinto feed.
  2. Adjust the settings:
    • In the Activate Order Synchronization field, set the connection to Active.
    • In the Order Synchronization Level field, choose Orders & Stock or Stock. Order & Stock import the order to your store and decrease stock. The Stock setting just decreases the stock.
    • In the Accept Orders Automatically, choose Yes or No. When someone makes an order, Miinto sends the request first. You then check if the product is in stock and accept or decline the request. When you choose Yes, Koongo does those checks automatically.
    • In the Auto Accept Orders - Price Attribute, choose Price final include tax or Price original include tax. The original price is the price of an item as is. The final price is the original price after discounts.
    • In the Auto Accept Orders - Price Attribute Threshold field, you can specify the lowest price that a product can be sold for. The threshold is applied to the price attribute before comparison with the order item's price (the price attribute is multiplied by the threshold). The recommended value is 0.97, which means that the order is accepted if the order item price is equal to or higher than 97% of the product price.
    • In the Auto Accept Orders - Price Attribute Currency field, use the default Store Base Currency value.
    • In the Default Shipping Service - Store Shipment field, you specify the shipping service default value. The default value will be used in case the order shipping service defined in the store doesn't match Miinto's allowed providers.
    • In the Use Billing Address For Shipping, you can enter your billing address to use as your shipping address, or choose No to use your default shipping address for shipping.
    • In the Product Identification Attribute, you can select attributes for product identification on Miinto. You don’t need to change it.
    • In the Sync Orders Created From Date field, choose the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Processing orders from Miinto

When someone buys your product on Miinto, a new order will appear in the My sales → Orders section in your Ecwid admin. You will get notification about a new order with an email or a push notification in the Ecwid mobile app for iOS or Android. Please note that the orders appear automatically only when you turn the Accept Orders Automatically feature on during the setup.

Orders from Miinto will be marked with the “Miinto” hashtag.

Order statuses in Ecwid and on Miinto are synced. That means, when you change the status of an order in your Ecwid admin and/or add a tracking number, this information is sent to Miinto. And vice versa. As a result, you can manage the order processing both from Ecwid or Miinto admin.

You need to fulfill orders and ship them with the help of Miinto or by yourself.

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