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Whether you have a successful running store or just start your business, you might want to send out newsletters to your customers. It is on of the best ways of staying in touch with your customers. Use them to maintain contact with your customers and build brand loyalty.

You can remind your customers about your store in various ways:

  • highlighting hot deals and special offers;
  • sending out the news about your store;
  • giving them tips or advice on using your products
  • and many more.
we recommend to send out emails at least once a month, but no more than once a week.

In this article:

Sending out emails

Ecwid makes it really easy to reach out to your customers with newsletters. Here is how you can send out the emails manually:

  1. Go to Ecwid Control Panel → Marketing → Newsletters.
  2. Download a list of your customers: click Export Contacts under Export your email contacts:


  1. Write your message and send it out manually or upload the contacts to some mailing service, like Constant Contact or MailChimp, and send out your message via this service.
  2. Send out the newsletter.

Sending out emails automatically

You need a paid plan to use the apps from Ecwid App Market. Upgrade to access the apps.

ShopHero-Icon.pngThe ShopHero app allows to create automatically beautiful, conversion-optimized email campaigns and push notifications. It is a marketing system designed to make extra sales. 
Put your marketing on autopilot!

Here's what ShopHero can do for you:

  • Simple setup and powerful Autopilot Marketing System with 12 essential campaigns – all designed to make you extra sales;
  • Reduce spam & boost engagement;
  • No need for design or copywriting – proven & optimized templates are ready to send;
  • Personalized product recommendations & campaigns delivered where each customer is most likely to buy.

The app is paid with free trial.

Growing your email list

In Ecwid there are several apps that help you grow your email list.

You need a paid plan to use the apps from Ecwid App Market. Upgrade to access the apps.

MailChimp app carefully embeds subscription fields to your store checkout pages and customer account page.

During the checkout process, the app asks your customers if they’re interested in subscribing to a mailing list from your store. After a customer completes an order and agrees to subscribe, automatically subscribes them to your MailChimp list.

To install the app:

  1. Go to Ecwid Control Panel → Marketing → Newsletters.
  2. Scroll to Connect an integrated email service.
  3. Click Connect Mailchimp:

Click Connect Mailchimp

  1. Follow the steps of installing the app.

The app is paid and with free trial.

MailChimp Subscription Popup

 MailChimp Subscription Popup app allows you to add a popup for collecting emails from your website, social media, mobile, and in-store. You will can sync this list with your MailChimp account to send your newsletters.

The app is paid with a free trial.

Deluxe Marketing Suite

image6.pngDeluxe Marketing Suite application connects your store with the VerticalResponse email marketing system. The app allows you to add a popup with customizable fields for collecting emails. You can sync this list with your VerticalResponse account to segment your visitors and send them marketing newsletters.

The app is paid with a free version. Smart Email Marketing Smart Email Marketing app connects your store with the email marketing service. This integration allows you to send newsletters, welcome emails and order follow-ups.

Once you connect your Ecwid store and application, all your store data including contacts and shopping history will be loaded into the backend. All future customer data will appear automatically in your account (in 1-2 minutes after the information is recorded in your Ecwid store).

The app is paid with a free version.

Find useful tips on growing your email list in our blog:
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