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To manage your online store effectively, you need to know what’s going on there. You need to see where your customers come from, how much money they spend, what products are selling best, how well your special offers perform and more. This is where the reports and statistics come into play and Ecwid provides several ways to get this data.

Reports and sales stats in your Ecwid Control Panel

You can get the most important metrics for your store like the number of visitors and orders, revenue and conversion rates in your Ecwid Control Panel → Reports page.

The analytics feature is available on all paid plans. Upgrade to get this feature

To see the reports, click Install Now:

Install Kliken app

After you've installed the app, you will see a page with the basic metrics. You can also find it in your Ecwid Control Panel → Reports → Stats.

Select the period for the stats you want to get and check the detailed information for each metric:

See the store statistics

You can also check the items and revenue per order, the number of visits until purchase and the time spent to purchase, the top selling products and categories, the sources of traffic and more.

Real-time sales tracking

If you want to know about each order that is placed in your online store, you can track the sales with the Ecwid mobile app and receive push notifications on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device when an order is placed or a payment has been accepted.

The Ecwid Mobile App is available on all paid plans. Upgrade to get this feature

To install the app, go to your Ecwid Control Panel→ Mobile, click Get the App and follow the setup steps or download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Get Ecwid mobile app

Besides the sales tracking, the Ecwid mobile app allows you to manage orders, add new products and modify existing inventory and even accept payments (coming soon for Android).

It’s basically all you need to manage your business when you are constantly on the move.

Ecwid iOS app screen

Google Analytics reports

If you want to get more advanced statistics, better understand the visitor behaviour, analyze traffic sources and optimize your store for sales, you can connect your online store with Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics is available on all paid plans. Upgrade to get this feature

With the help of Google Analytics you will be able to track:

  • Sales Funnels — find out what steps your customers go through before they buy or don’t buy and understand whether the checkout process in your store is effective.
  • Visitor Engagement — see how much time a visitor spends in your store and what pages they open.
  • Historical Benchmarking — check how your acquisition channels performed this year versus last year.

To get started you need a Google Analytics account. Connect it to your Ecwid store:

  1. Click Set Up Google Analytics in your Ecwid Control Panel → Reports.
  2. Enter your Google Analytics Web Property ID (How to get your ID).

Enter your Google Analytics ID

If you are going to run paid search ads with Google Adwords, enable the Google Remarketing to show ads to your store visitors% you can return those who left without a purchase or remind your existing customers about your store.

Enable remarketing

The stats will show up during the next 24 hours. You can check them in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Sales reports in spreadsheets

If you prefer to use spreadsheet editors like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or OpenOffice Calc for sales reports, you can export your orders data from Ecwid in CSV format and arrange it in a way that works for you with spreadsheet tools.

If you use Google Sheets as your spreadsheet editor, you can automatically save Ecwid orders to Google Sheets.

To export your orders from Ecwid:

  1. Go to your Control Panel → My Sales → Orders.
  2. Use the Filter tool to sort out the orders you want to analyze:

Find orders you need

  1. Select the filtered orders and click Mass Update → Export selected:

Click Export selected

  1. Select the values delimiter (What is it?) and the columns that you want to have in the exported CSV file:

Select the columns to export

Before choosing the delimiter, check what delimiters your spreadsheet editor supports for CSV files to ensure your file opens correctly.
  1. Click Download CSV file.
  2. Open the file in your spreadsheet editor and compose your report.

Visitor actions recordings and heat maps

The Lucky Orange app for Ecwid can track anonymous sessions of your actual customers so that you see how they browse, what they click on, and where they leave.

You can also examine your store on the heat maps, which collects customer actions (clicks) and shows you where they click the most.


Heat maps allow you to understand if your website design is convenient and attractive and to adjust some things based on the customer behavior.

The Lucky Orange app is available on all paid plans for $10-50+ USD/month with a free trial. Upgrade to get this feature
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