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Analytics and reporting apps from Ecwid App Market

You can use apps from the Ecwid App Market to get detailed sales reports and analyze different stats in your online store.

Access to the apps from Ecwid App Market is provided with Ecwid paid plans.


image2__2_.pngThe Convead app helps merchants improve their shopping experience. Convead analyzes customer behavior, reveals sales bottlenecks, and provides powerful tools to increase conversions and revenue.

With Convead app, you can visualize sales funnels, segment customers and make personalized product recommendations. The app also includes tools for running automated email campaigns as well as a built-in live chat to stay in touch with your customers.

Lucky Orange

2019-06-12_21-07-42.pngThe Lucky Orange app for Ecwid tracks your customers as they shop and provide heat maps.

Heat maps can help you analyze your customer behavior by highlighting what customers click on and when they leave your site.

The information provided by heat maps can be used to create more attractive and effective site design.

Evidnt Analytics

evidnt .pngThe Evidnt Analytics app provides your store with analytics based on top trending products and categories in your area and eCommerce. That means, you can see what products and categories are on the rise in your store.
The app shows best sellers for different time periods, total daily sales, and average net sales in your store. You can also pick a specific product or category to see sales data for different time periods.

Kliken Stats

Kliken Stats.png

The Kliken Stats app helps you better understand your audience by providing information on traffic sources, conversion rates by channels, the customer acquisition cost for ads, and more. This way, you get to know where people are coming from to your site to plan your ad campaigns better and cut off ineffective ad channels.

Kliken also calculates revenue and shows top-selling items. Based on that, you can stop selling items that are not worth it.



The SimplyProfit app allows you to view your profit reports anytime to know what drives the most profit and make informed business decisions.

Simply add costs and one-off or recurring expenses to your products and get insights from your new profit reports.



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