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Adding slider to Instant Site

Slider, or carousel, shows one big image at a time as an automatic or manual slideshow. It also contains a little snippet of text and the call-to-action button. Slider is a great way to showcase particular products in detail, list brands you sell, announce sale prices, highlight a portfolio, or explain why customers need to choose your brand.

Adding slider to Instant Site2.gif

This article is for the latest version of Instant Site. The old Instant Site version does not support adding a slider. Not sure which version you're using? Find out how to distinguish Instant Site versions and how to update to the latest one.

Let’s say you want to highlight the brands that you sell.

To add a slider to your New-Gen version of Ecwid Instant Site:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Website → Edit Site.
  2. Click Add Section.
  3. On the menu on the left, click Promo Sliders and select the template. It will be added to your list of site blocks and opened for editing.
  4. In your editor, click on the slide name in the menu on the left to replace the default content with your images and texts. 
  5. Click Button to specify the text on the button and where it should lead visitors. A button on each slide can have its unique copy and perform a specific action on click.
  6. To change the appearance of the slide content, click Back and then switch to the Design tab:

    Adding slider to Instant Site1.png

    On the Design tab, you can choose how the slider looks on desktop and mobile screens, turn off and on the automatic slideshow, add a color overlay for photos, change font and lettering, and hide the slide title, description, and the button.

That’s it! Now the slider will appear on your website page.

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