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Ecwid developer program for selling apps

With Ecwid's powerful and intuitive API, you can create an app and sell it in the Ecwid App Market to merchants all over the world. Ecwid will pay you 80% of all net app revenues every three months. To get payment, you’ll need to have a PayPal account.

To learn more about selling your app with the Ecwid merchants, please refer to the full contents of the terms and conditions for the Ecwid App Market and API.

To sell apps with Ecwid:

  1. Sign up as a developer to create an Ecwid account.
  2. Develop your app. You can contact the Ecwid Apps team for timely help and suggestions at any step of development.
  3. Once the app is done, contact the Ecwid team to submit your app for review.
  4. You’ll receive the app details page at your email, which you need to fill in.
  5. Publish the app.

Once your app is live, it will be available for all Ecwid merchants. Your app can be free or paid. Paid apps can work via Ecwid billing, or merchants can be charged on your side. You will find a detailed explanation on how Ecwid billing works on the Ecwid developers site.

To keep you in the loop, Ecwid will send you a monthly report of installs and revenue numbers to the email you used to sign up with Ecwid.

If you have any questions, feel free to check the available resources like Ecwid Help CenterAPI Documentation, or the contact form.

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