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Case study 11: Importing product files from one store into another

This article is part of the catalog import and export section and tells you how to easily transfer files attached to digital products between your Ecwid stores with a CSV file.

You can use a combination of catalog import and export to upload product files like e-books, music, or video tutorials from one store to another. For that, you will need to make changes to the CSV you’ve exported from store A and add a special access token to each of the product files to be able to import them into store B.

By default, importing product files between stores is unavailable for security reasons. If you try to import a file that belongs to a product in store A to any other store, you will get an error.

To import product files from store A into store B:

  1. Log into store A and export your catalog or selected products with files.
  2. In store A’s admin, go to the secret page.
    If you haven’t created any apps in your store before, a new app will be created automatically. In case you have already created some apps, you can click Create to create one more app.
  3. On the app details page, click Show secret token and copy the secret access token:

    Show secret token.png

  4. Open the CSV file you’ve exported from store A in your preferred spreadsheet editor.
  5. In the product_file_secret_url column, add ?token=secret_XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the secret token you’ve copied) to the URL of each store A file that you want to import into store B.
    This is how your link can look after you append the token:
  6. Save the file as .csv to your device.
  7. Log into store B’s admin and go to the Data Import & Export page to upload your CSV.

That’s it! After the import is complete, product files from store A will be successfully uploaded to store B.

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