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"Favorites" list functionality (also known as "Wishlist") allows your customers to create a list of products they want to save for purchase during their next visit.

There are a lot of reasons why you should use "Favorites" on your store. Customers are more likely to return to your site if they saved items for purchase for later. Our new feature increases return customers and reduces shopping cart abandonment. "Favorites" encourages your customers to visit your site more often and as a result - purchase more items and increase your bottom line.

How it works

The concept of Favorites is simple, yet powerful. Just click the heart icon near the product image, and the item you mark will be saved in your Favorites list. We used clean graphics and smooth animation to make this process easy and fun for your customers.

Moreover, if the item has been marked as favorite many times, the number of people who added the item to their "Favorites" list is shown near the heart icon. With this function your customers can see which items in your store are the most popular, so it heightens interest to these items and encourages your customers to visit and buy them.

For your customers, all favorite items are saved in a list and can be viewed at any time by clicking the "Favorites" link in their profile menu. The Favorites list is attached to their accounts in your store so they can access it from any devices: mobile, tablet or desktop. Your customers can even mark some items while browsing on their mobiles and complete the purchase from the desktop at home.

The Favorites list is available for unregistered customers too. All items they mark are stored in a browser, so they can still view their Favorites in their next visits and complete the purchase.

How to enable Favorites

The feature is available for all Ecwid merchants and is automatically enabled for all new Ecwid merchants. If you created a store before April 9 2014, please go to Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout and enable Favorite list feature.

Check out feature in action by visiting our Ecwid Demo Store.


How to translate texts in Favorites

Ecwid allows changing texts in your store using Storefront Label Editor. See the detailed instructions on changing the texts in store.

How to display Favorite icon by default

Use following code in your custom CSS theme in Ecwid control panel -> System Settings -> Design:

div.ecwid-favorite-view {
background-color: #ededed !important;
visibility: visible;
Note: Favorites feature is available in Venture and higher tier plans Upgrade to get this feature
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