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Customers love discounts and deals. Putting a product on sale or showing that this very price is less than a customer will find elsewhere is a great way to get more orders. And this is how the “Sale price” feature works.

Sale price feature is available on Venture and higher tier plans.         Upgrade to get this feature

You can set the special "Compare to" price for your product and this price will be shown struck out to demonstrate how much the current price is better. For example, if you want to show that your prices are better if compared to your competitors, you can use this field to inform how much they charge for the same product.

The other way is to represent your regular price when you want to put a product on sale or to show the suggested retail price ("MRP", "List price", etc.)


Setting a "Compare to"/Sale price

1. Log in to your Ecwid control panel and open a product for editing.

2. Click the icon near the product price: 


3. Set the "Compare to" price and save: 


Customizing "Compare to" prices

Please find the layout/wording settings of the 'Compare to' prices in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart → "Compare to" prices. There you can set:

  • where to display "Compare to" prices (product details pages only or both product listing and product details pages)
  • what text to show at "Compare to" prices (e.g. 'was', 'List price' etc.)
  • how to display discount values (in percents or absolute values)

Changing the look of "Sale price"

You can change the color of the On Sale tag:



In order to do it, please add the following CSS code to your active CSS theme in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Design → CSS themes:

/* change on sale label color */

.ec-size .ec-store .label--notice { 
   background-color: #ff0000; 

Showing the sale price on the products list 

Yes, you can. Just go to your Ecwid Control Panel  Settings → General → Cart, the ["Compare to" price] section, and select the corresponding option in the [Display "Compare to" price on] dropdown menu. 

Other promo features

The full list of promo features available in your Ecwid store can be found in our article about setting up discounts and running promotions.

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