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Ecwid plugin for WordPress static sites generators

When you create a WordPress site and add your Ecwid store on it, you get the dynamic site by default. You can change the site type from dynamic to a static one, and still have your Ecwid store on it.

Static sites usually load faster since they display the same content for every user and have no interactive elements. You can turn your dynamic site on WordPress into a static one with the static sites generators like WP2static, Strattic, HardyPress, Simply Static, Sitesauce.

Once you change your WordPress site to the static one, you have to modify settings of the Ecwid plugin to make your store work properly.

To set up Ecwid store on the static site generators for WordPress:

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard. Your WordPress site should have the Ecwid plugin installed.
  2. In the browser address bar, add the following line after the “wp-admin”:
    so the URL looks like this:
  3. The setup page with hidden settings will open. In the ecwid_seo_links_enabled dropdown, select Off:


    Your URLs will still work normally, but this will fix the issue with visiting a product URL directly.
  4. In the ecwid_static_home_page_enabled dropdown, select N:


That’s it! Now your Ecwid store will work properly on your WordPress static site.

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