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Kliken Ads FAQ

What is Kliken Ads?

Google isn’t the only game in town when it comes to ads—Kliken Ads expands your reach by leveraging the larger ecosystem of the Open Web.

What’s the difference between Kliken and Kliken Ads?

The Kliken app enables you to manage Kliken Ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads—all from your control panel.

For first-time app users: 1) Add the Kliken app to your store ($20/month) then 2) click this link to take advantage of the $1/15 days trial for Kliken Ads and begin your campaign setup for Kliken Ads (by default, the Kliken app opens with the Google Ads setup page).

How successful are Kliken Ads compared to Google Ads?

Kliken Ads brings in a higher Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) than Google Ads. On average, for every 1 USD spent on Kliken ads, 6.61 USD is generated in sales compared to 5.51 USD with Google ads.

How fast is it to get started with Kliken Ads?

According to users, Kliken Ads’ onboarding and account approval process is simpler than Google Ads’, and it takes about 5 minutes to build a campaign and 24 hours for approval. Check out Kliken Ads’ Beginner Playbook to learn more about getting started, including ad guidelines, best practices, and more.If you want to advertise specifically on Google, you can read the Beginners Playbook for Advertising with Google by Kliken.

Would I have help getting started with Kliken?

Yes. Kliken’s team will contact you before you launch your first campaign to make sure you’re set up for success. You can also check out Kliken Ads’ Beginner Playbook, or our eCommerce Academy and blog for best practices.

How much does Kliken cost after the trial?

After the promotional period, you will be billed 250 USD for the next 30 days of advertising unless you adjust your budget or cancel. Most merchants purchase a package at the end of the promotional period because they see positive ROAS. You can cancel at any time.

When can I expect a return from my ad campaign?

The first billing after the promotional period is expected to bring you a positive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), if you haven’t already seen a breakeven or positive result.

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