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Advertising plays a critical role in bringing customers to your online store. However, the vast majority of shoppers aren’t ready to buy when they first browse your catalog. They may hesitate, become distracted, or decide to browse similar products online.

Research suggests 98% of first time visitors who leave your store without completing a purchase will not return unless you bring them back. Retargeting helps you convert window shoppers into paying customers.

How retargeting works

In ecommerce, retargeting helps business owners reach customers who visited their store but didn’t buy anything. Reaching these customers relies on browser cookies. Retargeting tools use cookies to place ads on other sites that a user visits. When used effectively, these ads encourage your customers to continue browsing your store.

A cookie is a special piece of data that is set in a person’s browser and enables tracking of the pages they visit. Every site that uses cookies must inform the user about it. Remember to add a cookie notification to your site.

Advertising to customers already familiar with your store is an effective way to increase sales. finds only 2% of shoppers completing a purchase on their first visit. Retargeting helps to reach the remaining 98% of potential customers who left your store too soon.

Despite the seeming simplicity, you need to carefully use this tool. Pay special attention to the timing, frequency, and context of your advertising. Good retargeting is always a result of a good strategy.

Setting up retargeting ads for your Ecwid products

There are several ways to enable retargeting for your products:

  • Use remarketing with Google Analytics and Google Ads. This way, you can show ads to your store visitors on other sites. Ads will be targeted to the interests these users expressed during their previous visits to your store.
    Learn more about enabling remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Build retargeting campaigns on Facebook directly in the Facebook Ads Manager. A perfect option for store owners who want to fine-tune their campaigns.
    Learn more about creating ads with Facebook Ads Manager
  • Build automated retargeting campaigns on Facebook with Kliken. A great solution for users inexperienced with ad setup.
    You can start off right in your Ecwid admin, in Marketing → OverviewReach past visitors with remarketing. All you need to do is choose your target audience and the products you want to promote, and Kliken will help you retarget customers who viewed your products or purchased from you and showcase items from your catalog in the ads.
    Learn more about creating Facebook ads with Kliken

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