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Issuing refunds with PayPal Checkout

When you have PayPal Checkout connected to your store, you can make a full or partial refund from your Ecwid admin.

PayPal transactions can be refunded within 180 days of receiving payment. As soon as the refund settles, the funds are sent back to the customer’s bank account. It may take a couple of days to deposit funds. There are no fees to process the refund, but the fees PayPal originally took from you as from the seller are not returned to you.

If a customer makes a purchase in a currency other than their home currency and later requests a refund of that transaction, their refund amount may not exactly match their original transaction amount due to variable exchange rates.

Issuing refunds with PayPal is available only for stores that connected to PayPal Checkout after August 21, 2023. Orders placed before this date cannot be refunded from your Ecwid admin and must be refunded directly from your PayPal account.

Creating a refund with PayPal Checkout

When you enable PayPal in your online store, you can choose to issue refunds either from your Ecwid admin or from your PayPal account. You can refund the total order amount or just a part of it. If you create a partial refund, you can later return the remaining amount to a client. Depending on your return policy, you can include or exclude any additional spendings in refunds, such as shipping costs, handling fee, or tips. 

After you create a refund, the status of a refunded order will automatically change to the Refunded or Partially refunded. For fully refunded orders products are restocked automatically. If you issue a partial refund, you will have to manually restock items.

To make a full or partial refund with PayPal Checkout:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My sales → Orders.
  2. Select an order you want to refund.
  3. Click the Update dropdown button near the order and select Refund order.
  4. In the Summary table on the right, enter the amount you want to return to a customer.
  5. (optional) If you do not want to send a notification to a customer, untick the Send email with refund details to customer checkbox.
  6. (optional) In the Reason for refund, enter why the customer asked for a refund or what products were refunded.
  7. Click Refund.

The transfer process between your and your client’s banks may take several business days, depending on the bank. If a customer hasn't received money after 14 business days, they must contact their bank.

You can get the details about the refund in your PayPal account. You can get there by opening the order details page and clicking Transaction details:

Creating a refund with PayPal Checkout.png

Restocking refunded inventory

When you issue a full refund, returning the exact amount of the order total, items from the order are restocked automatically. In case you create a partial refund, items are not restocked and you have to update the stock quantity manually. If you first create a partial refund, and then refund the full amount, all items from the order will be restocked.

To restock a partially refunded order:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My sales → Orders page.
  2. Find the order and click it to open the order details page.
  3. (optional) Change its fulfillment status to Returned.
  4. In the items list, click on the product that you want to restock.
  5. On the product page, in the Stock Control section on the right-hand side, click Manage.
  6. Update the quantity.
  7. Click Save.
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