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Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can add Apple Pay and Google Pay to your payment methods. This will make the purchasing process easier for customers who prefer shopping on their mobiles, encouraging more visitors to complete the order.

Apple Pay lets buyers who use Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac check out in your Ecwid store with one tap. Google Pay is available for shoppers who use Chrome on Android mobile devices or on desktop.

Apple and Google have country restrictions regarding making payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Store requirements

To offer Apple Pay and Google Pay in your store, make sure you meet the following requirements:


Setting up Apple Pay and Google Pay

Before you proceed with Apple Pay or Google Pay, make sure you connected Lightspeed Payments or Stripe. The payment method must be in live mode, i.e. able to accept payments, for Apple and Google Pay to work.

The setup process will slightly vary depending on where you sell — on Ecwid Instant site, WordPress, or any other website.

If your store is added to multiple sites and you want to enable Apple or Google Pay on all of them, add each domain on PaymentLightspeed Payments or Stripe by clicking Add domain. This applies to any new website you add your store to. For each new domain you add your store to, you'll have to set up Apple or Google Pay by following the steps below.

To add Apple Pay and Google Pay to your store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to the Payment page.
  2. Click on Lightspeed Payments (or scroll down to Stripe and click on it). 
  3. Click Set Up Apple Pay and Google Pay.

That’s it. Now customers will be able to check out with Apple and Google Pay in your store. Here is what you will see in your Ecwid admin when Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled:



Apple Pay and Google Pay for customers

When using Apple Pay, customers don’t have to manually enter their credit card details or shipping info as this is already securely stored on their device. All they need to complete a purchase is to choose Apple Pay at checkout and identify themselves with Touch ID or Face ID. Orders paid with Apple Pay will display the Apple Pay icon in the order details in your Ecwid admin.


The same goes with Google Pay — all payment information is already stored on a customer’s device, so there’s no need to enter credit or debit card details manually. A customer only needs to choose Google Pay on checkout to complete the order:



What are the fees?

There are no extra processing fees when using Apple or Google Pay. You will only be charged with the 2.9%+$0.30 fee. If you use Stripe for European cards, the Stripe Standard Processing fee will be 1.4% + €0.25. You can find more information at the Stripe Help Center.

Why is the Apple Pay button not showing at checkout?

There may be multiple reasons why you don’t see the Apple Pay button in your store. To fix it, try these troubleshooting steps make sure:


  • You use the latest design for your Ecwid storefront. Go to your Ecwid admin → Settings → What’s New and enable storefront updates, if any, to make sure that you use the Next Generation Storefront.
  • Your domain is verified via Ecwid. If you use Stripe, it’s possible that you verified your website domain in the Stripe account manually instead of verifying it via Ecwid. In this case, the Apple Pay button may show up in your store for a second and then disappear. Here is how to fix it:
    1. Go to your Stripe account → Settings → Payment Methods → Apple Pay and remove the domain.
    2. Go to your Ecwid admin → Payment → Stripe.
    3. Click Edit next to your domain → Remove.
    4. Click Add domain and follow the wizard to re-add your domain.

If you still don’t see the Apple Pay button after these steps, contact us for help.

Can I accept Apple Pay and Google Pay when selling in-person?

To accept Apple Pay when selling in-person, you should use a Point of Sale system and process the payment via that system. Ecwid integrates with such POS systems as Lightspeed Retail (X-Series), Square, and Clover. Contact the support of the POS system you use to find out whether they support Apple Pay and get instructions on how to set it up in your POS.

How can I withdraw money?

As soon as a customer pays for an order via Apple Pay or Google Pay, the funds will be transferred to your Lightspeed Payments or Stripe account. After that, you will receive the payment on your personal bank account in accordance with the Lightspeed Payments payout schedule or with the Stripe payout schedule that you specified in your Stripe Dashboard. You can look up all variants for payout schedules on the Stripe site.

If you use Stripe payment method, the first payout can take up to 14 days to be deposited to your account. The first payout usually takes a little longer in order to establish the Stripe account.

Can I sell CBD with Apple Pay and Google Pay?

No, you can’t. Still, you can sell CBD products with Ecwid using other payment methods.

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