Printful: Dropshipping for custom printed products

Printful is a service that helps you easily sell custom print products online with very minimal effort. All it takes is uploading a design and syncing your Ecwid store catalog with Printful. No inventory, no shipping, no upfront costs. All orders are automatically printed and dropshipped in your store's branding.

You decide your profit. You buy the ready-made Printful products at a wholesale price, but sell to your customers at whichever price you want. The higher the price, the bigger your profit margin becomes.

In case if you wish to test the look of your products, you can order samples of your products at 20% off and free shipping worldwide. Printful also offers design and photography services to get your store up and running.

Connecting Printful to Ecwid

See the video showing how to set up Printful and Ecwid:

List of products that you can sell using Printful:

  • Clothing / Apparel
  • All-over shirts
  • Wall Art
  • Mugs
  • Pillows
  • Totes
  • Hats (Embroidery)
  • Leggings
  • Phone cases
  • Sublimated Socks
  • Dresses
  • Skirts

To get started, install the Printful application.

Printful will embed a page into your online store control panel where you can control the app:

After you sign in to this app, it will import products from your store. You can sync existing products in order for them to be tracked by Printful to fulfil new orders in your store. If there are products you don't wish to fulfil through Printful, you can mark them as ‘ignored’.

Printful won’t ship your own created products along with the products from their catalog.

In order to start your printing business, you need to add products from the Printful catalog:

  1. Choose a product category and a product (e.g. Men's Clothing/T-Shirt/Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt):

    1. Configure design of this product: 
      • select colors and sizes

    • upload your graphics, resize and drag-n-drop your image so it takes a right place on the T-shirt.

  1. Choose main mockup image:

  1. Edit description: create a product title and edit the description field if necessary.

  1. Choose the markup price and Printful will auto configure your product prices and calculate the expected profit.

  1. Submit this product to your store to list it in your storefront as a regular store catalog product.

Setting up Printful

You can manage how orders are processed in your store settings in Printful app interface. Go to the Printful App → Settings → Orders:

If automatic fulfillment is turned on and all of the products in an order are synced, the order will be fulfilled automatically. If some products aren't synced, the order will be saved as a draft so you can sync products on the fly.

Managing shipping and taxes


There are two ways Printful calculates the shipping rates: Flat rates and Live rates

Flat Rates

On the Shipping speeds and pricing page you can find Printful Flat rate shipping prices for all product types. Flat rates are the default pricing for the shipping and the shipping method used depends on the availability and price offered by a carrier. Printful ships using a variety of carriers and methods that you can also find in the Shipping methods section.

Live Rates

Printful also has Live shipping rates. They are calculated by the exact weight and the destination of the order and the shipping method/rate is selected by your customer on the checkout page of your store.

You can enable Printful's live shipping rates by checking this box in Printful → Settings → Shipping:

and specify which shipping methods you want to use for your store:

By default, all shipping methods are selected. Unchecking the box disables that carrier type for live rate orders but note that if you leave Flat Rate enabled, any order where Flat rate is selected as the shipping method can still ship with any of Printful carriers and methods. To totally disable a specific shipping method disable both Flat rate and the method itself.

If you're selling items that are not fulfilled through Printful, we recommend disabling the live shipping rates. Since these live rates only show shipping costs for Printful products, you're likely to lose profit if items that are not fulfilled by Printful are added to the cart.

Example: Your customer has added 2 items to the cart:
1. A product fulfilled by Printful
2. A product fulfilled by you or another service

Only live shipping rates for the Printful product will be calculated and displayed, while the other product won't be factored into the shipping costs. This essentially means that you're offering free shipping for the other product.


When you’ve started selling, don’t forget to calculate taxes ( If you use drop-shipping services, where your products are stored in a third-party warehouse and shipped out when people order, then you could have a nexus in more than one state — check with a tax professional or look on state government websites to find out. You can create tax rates ( in your Ecwid Control panel → Settings → Taxes.

Additional features

Printful lets you customize the Packing Slip, set the Return Address, add Pack-in (flyer, sticker, business card or button.)


How to connect existing Printful catalog to Ecwid?

To upload your existing Printful catalog to Ecwid:

  1. Log in to your Printful account at and go to StoresChoose platform.

  2. Find Ecwid and click Connect. You will be taken to your Ecwid control panel to add the Printful app. Choose Connect existing account.
  3. In the Printful app, click Add Product button. In the appeared product catalog pop-up, open Import from Store tab:

  4. Select products that you wish to add to your Ecwid store:


After that, products from your Printful catalog should appear in your Ecwid online store.

Why can't I see my Ecwid products on Printful?

If you already have an Ecwid account with existing products, you can still connect it to Printful. However, your products will only show up in Printful if they have variations (product variants). The Product Variations feature is available on Business and higher tier plans. Upgrade to get this feature

All products that are created with Printful's product push generator will automatically have product variations (variants).

As for lower Ecwid plans — you'll need to define size and / or color in product options.

How orders are synchronized between Ecwid and Printful?

If you placed an order with Printful product, the order should have the Paid payment status and the Awaiting Processing fulfilment status in order to be synced with Printful.

If you don't have a card/PayPal connected with your Printful account and your Printful wallet is empty orders won't go to fulfilment. Instead, they will end up as Failed. Then it is possible to manually Confirm the order in the Failed status, please, check the screencast:

To add a payment method go to your Printful → Settings → Billing → Billing Methods, click Add billing method and set up the preferred billing method:


If you do not see the Paid order in your Printful account, you need to make any change in the order details in your Ecwid Control panel → My Sales → Orders. You can use the Order Editor option for that. This way your Printful account will be triggered to check the specific order and sync it with Printful if needed.

Orders are synced every 15 minutes, but it could take up to an hour for the order to come through to Printful.

Which Ecwid plan do I need to integrate with Printful?

You can integrate Ecwid with Printful on any Ecwid plan, use Printful's product push generator and enable live shipping rates. Automatic stock updates are only available for Business and Unlimited plan users.

If you are running your store on the Free or Venture plan, do not change product options and price modifiers in your Ecwid admin panel to avoid the failure in sync with Printful.

Product push

Some of the options for integration with Ecwid's Free and Venture plans are limited, including the product pricing on the push generator. You can't edit the pricing for each product variant – the price is set for the product.

What if I sell my products in a different currency?

No worries. Printful automatically detects your store's currency and converts the retail price to match it. You can also adjust the conversion rate in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Regional Settings.

If the product is leaving the United States, Printful is required by law to list the pricing on the package. This means the packing slip will show the price of the product in USD. To do this, Printful will convert your currency to USD based on the exchange rate from public-facing APIs.

If an order is sent within the United States, no pricing will be shown on the packing slip.

How to contact Printful?

You can send an email to Printful to this address: Or open a chat with Printful from your Ecwid control panel: go to Apps → My apps → open Printful → click on the chat icon in the right bottom corner of the page. Here you can start a chat with the Printful support.

How to remove products from Printful?

To remove products from your Printful catalog, you should remove them from your Ecwid control panel: go to Catalog → Products → tick products you want to remove → click Bulk updateDelete Selected. After that, products will be removed both from your Ecwid and Printful catalogs.

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