Offline payment methods

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In addition to online payments you may also want to accept payments directly to your bank account or collect money from your customers in person.

To provide such payment options you can set up offline payment methods in your Ecwid store, like wire transfer or cash on delivery.

What is "offline payment"

Some customers prefer not to pay for their orders using a credit card. These customers can still place their orders in your Ecwid store if you enable offline (or manual) payment methods.

Offline payment methods in Ecwid do not require customers to enter their credit card details on checkout. Common types of offline payments include cash on delivery (COD), phone orders, check payments and wire (or bank) transfers.

When your customers choose an offline payment method on checkout, their orders are marked as "Awaiting payment" in your Control Panel > My Sales > Orders. After you have received their payment, you can manually mark these orders as "Paid".

How to create an offline payment option

In your Ecwid Control Panel go to Settings > Payment page. At the top of the page you can edit the suggested Cash on Delivery option by clicking "Actions" > "Edit".


You can edit the name, add a description and an instruction on how your customers can send their payment to you.

To create a new offline payment scroll down and click "Set Up New Offline Payment". Add a name, a description, an instruction for customers (e.g. your bank account details or any other information that is relevant) and save the changes.


Customers who checkout using an offline payment method will see the name of it and the instructions on how to complete the payment when selecting a payment option.

How to arrange the payment

As mentioned above, orders placed using offline payments are marked as "Awaiting payment" in your Control Panel > My Sales > Orders. The actual way of arranging the payment naturally depends on the type of offline payment you provide.

If you have set up a "Cash on Delivery" method, you will receive the payment at the moment of delivery.

If you have created a "Bank Transfer" method, you can provide your bank account details in the payment instruction section and wait for the customer to make the money transfer. They will have to send the money right to your bank account.

Or you can get in touch with the customers by phone or email after receiving their order and instruct them on how they can pay for their order.

After you receive the payment, you can manually change the order status to "Paid" in your Ecwid Control Panel > My Sales > Orders and fulfil the order.

Ecwid doesn’t charge you any fees for orders that are paid offline and will not take part in any payment transfers as the payments take place outside online checkout at Ecwid.



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