Creating orders on behalf of customers

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When you sell from your online store, the orders your customers place are automatically recorded in your Ecwid Control Panel. If you sell offline as well, for example, you accept orders by phone or email or have a brick and mortar store, Ecwid does not know about those sales, so they are not recorded in your Control Panel. In this case you can create these orders manually and keep track of your sales and inventory. You will have a full orders history in your Control Panel even for orders that were processed via phone or offline.

If you run an offline store and have Square, Clover or Vend POS there, you can connect that system to your Ecwid store to have the catalog and sales synced automatically.

To create an order manually:

  1. Go to Ecwid Control panel → My Sales → Edit Orders.
  2. Click Create Order:

Click Create order

  1. Fill in the customer information:

Enter the customer's email

If this is a returning customer, all you need to enter in their email. Ecwid will populate all other customer information automatically.
  1. Click EDIT next to the SHIPPING METHOD and add the name of the shipping option. In a dropdown Ecwid will show the options that you have in your store:

Select a shipping method

  1. Click EDIT next to the PAYMENT METHOD and add the name of the payment option:

Enter the payment method

  1. The order is pre-populated with a default product. Click the pencil icon to remove or edit it:

Edit the product in the order

You need to add some other product before deleting the default one. The order cannot be saved without any products, so the Remove button is active only when you have more than one product on the order.


  1. To add more items to the order click Add product:

Add a product to the order

  1. Enter the product SKU and the number of items purchased. Ecwid will fill in all other information for you:

Enter the product SKU

  1. Edit the shipping information, taxes and discounts, click Save changes:

Edit the shipping costs and taxes

  1. When you are done with entering the order information, click Place Order:

Click Place order

  1. You can now find this order in your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders:

New order in My Sales

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