Creating orders on behalf of customers

Ecwid automatically captures all customer orders from your online store. However, any offline sales (phone orders, sales in a brick and mortar store) are not automatically added to your Ecwid Control Panel. You can create these orders manually in your Ecwid admin to include offline sales and inventory along with the rest of your online merchandise. This method provides a comprehensive order history in your Control Panel.

This feature is available for Business and Unlimited subscribers.
If you run an offline store with Square, Clover or Vend POS, you can sync your catalog and sales automatically by connecting the POS system to Ecwid.

To create an order manually:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My Sales → Edit Orders.
  2. Click Create Order.
  3. Fill in the customer information. For returning customers, simply enter their email. Ecwid will populate all other customer information automatically.
  4. Click Edit next to the Shipping method and select the preferred shipping option. Ecwid will provide a dropdown with available shipping options from your store.
  5. Click Edit next to the Payment method and add the name of the payment option.
  6. The order is pre-populated with a default product. The pencil icon allows you to remove or edit this field:

Edit the product in the order

The order must contain at least one product. This is why the Remove button is only active when your order contains more than one product.
  1. Click Add product to add more items to the order.
  2. Enter the product SKU and the number of items purchased. Ecwid will populate all other information:

Enter the product SKU

  1. Edit the shipping information, taxes and discounts, click Save changes.
  2. Once all order information is entered, click Place Order.

You can see the created order in your Ecwid admin, in My Sales → Orders:

New order in My Sales

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