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Setting up manual payments in Ecwid

In addition to online payments, you can accept payments outside of your store. You can instruct customers how to pay you offline (e.g., by cash, bank transfer, check, invoice, etc.) by writing instructions.

Collecting payment is not immediate in these methods. Orders purchased with a manual payment option are marked as Awaiting Payment (Ecwid admin panel → Orders). The order status will remain Awaiting Payment until you arrange payment, collect the funds, and mark the order as Paid.

You can also limit manual payments to specific shipping methods. That way, you can limit cash payments for local delivery or self-pickup only.

Ecwid doesn’t charge any transaction fees.

Adding manual payment option

To enable a manual payment in your Ecwid store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Payment.
  2. Scroll down to Manual Payment Methods and click + Add Manual Payment Method.
  3. Fill in the name for the payment method that will be displayed at checkout. For example, Cash on delivery.
  4. (optional) Add instructions for customers. For example, how to pay with this method.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it. Make sure the payment method is set to Enabled:


Limiting manual payment to a shipping method

To limit the manual payment method to a specific shipping or delivery methods:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Payment.
  2. Click Edit on the existing manual payment you want to limit.
  3. Scroll down to Payment method availability based on shipping choice and click Limit availability by shipping method‍.
  4. Click Select Methods and check boxes for all the shipping methods you want this payment to be available to. Then click Select.
  5. Click Save.

If you use manual payment options, you might want to collect your customers' phone numbers, not emails. In this case, use the Checkout with Phone Number app.

Accepting orders in person through mobile POS

The Sell On The Go app (for iOS) is a mobile point of sale that allows you to process orders while selling on the go at different events like fairs, shows, conferences, etc.

The following methods of payments are supported:

  • Accept cash payments
  • Swipe credit cards using Square card reader on your mobile device.

Orders taken with the help of the Sell On The Go app will automatically appear in your Ecwid admin panel and the inventory will be synced with your online store.

Learn more about Sell on the go: Create orders on mobile.

If you use third-party mPOS terminals to take payments (not via Sell on the Go app), you can also set them up as a manual payment method in your store.

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