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Troubleshooting payments

There are three types of payment-related problems you may face: your payment processor does not appear or work at checkout, card payments do not go through, or the order in your Ecwid admin has a wrong payment status. In this article, you will find out how to handle common issues. If you don’t find the solution, feel free to contact us.

A payment method is unavailable at checkout

If a payment method doesn’t appear at checkout or there is an error accessing it, check if:

  • The payment method is enabled on the Payment page in your Ecwid admin.
  • The payment method is set up correctly: all the necessary credentials, like API keys, login, password, etc., that you specify for this method in the store admin match the ones in your payment provider account settings.
    See instructions on setting up Lightspeed Payments and other payment solutions
    Your third-party payment provider may have additional setup steps on their side. Make sure you follow them and contact their support if needed so that all the settings are configured correctly.
  • The currency selected in your payment gateway account matches your store currency. Contact your payment provider to know if the currency in question is supported.
  • The test mode is not check-marked for this payment method on its page in your Ecwid admin, and it’s not enabled in the payment provider account. You can use the test mode when setting up a payment method but don’t forget to disable it once you want to actually take payments from customers.
  • The payment method is not disabled for the product.

A card payment is declined

If a payment method appears at checkout, but your customers get errors when paying, make sure their credit card is not expired, and they have funds to pay for the order.

In case there’s no problem with card validity and funds, advise your customer to contact their bank/payment system for possible reasons. You can also suggest using another card/payment method instead.

On your end, you can contact your payment processor and describe the error to them to get more details on the possible cause of the problem and available solutions.

An order has a wrong payment status in Ecwid admin

After an order is successfully placed, it appears on the Orders page in your Ecwid admin. Each order has a payment status.

In case a paid order has a wrong payment status (e.g., Awaiting Payment instead of Paid), you can click on the order to access its details and look into the Payment details block:


In this block, you will see the payment method used, error text (when available), and the Transaction details link. Click this link to view the transaction in your payment provider account. If the error remains unclear to you, you can look it up in a search engine or contact your payment gateway for more information and possible solutions.

If an order does not appear in the Orders section, check the Abandoned Carts page that shows unfinished orders. Orders with certain payment errors can go there instead. Contact support to investigate the issue.

Still have an issue with payment

If you've tried the above and still have issues with customer payments, send us the following information for troubleshooting:

  • If the issue was reported by a customer: their email, the payment method used, and a screenshot/text of the error they saw at checkout. You can also ask them for the steps to reproduce the error.
  • If the order has a wrong payment status in the admin: order number and which payment method was used.
  • If the order was placed as an abandoned cart after payment: the customer email, order date, and the list of items in the cart.

We will investigate the issue.

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