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Facebook Shop mirrors your Ecwid store’s catalog for your Facebook Business page so you can easily advertise across Facebook using multiple Facebook ad types and formats. Reach customers using Dynamic ads and the Collection ads used on Instagram and Audience Network.

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What is Product Catalog

A catalog in Business Manager holds a file that contains a list of all the products you want to advertise. This file is called a data feed. Each line of the catalog catalog contains a description of each item, including an ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL, and other product attributes.

Use the Ecwid app for Facebook to upload the Product Catalog. See the detailed instructions in the article about Facebook shop

How to set up Ads using Product catalog

Once you have imported your Ecwid store catalog to your Facebook business page, you are ready to set up your first Dynamic Ad.

  1.  First, go to your Facebook business page and click Create ad:

Click Create ad in your Facebook business page settings

  1. To create your first Dynamic Product Ad, select Catalog sales as the objective of your campaign in Ads Manager or Power Editor:

Select Catalog sales as the ad objective

  1. Select a catalog, then click Continue:

Select the catalog for your ads

Ads will automatically show products from your product catalog based on your target audience.

  1. Name your advertising campaign:


  1. Select your audience, placement, budget, and schedule. Click Continue.
  2. Select your format, Facebook Page and Instagram account if you have one linked.
  3. Enter your ad's text by typing directly, or use the + to select dynamic elements such as price.
  4. Add a call-to-action button.
  5. Preview your ad on the right. When you're ready, click Place Order.
Set up Facebook Pixel for tracking the success of your ad campaigns. See the detailed instruction: Add Facebook pixel to your store.
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