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You can connect Paysera to your Ecwid store to accept online payments from Paysera accounts, by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit cards or via international transfers. Paysera operates in 184 countries, but it is most used in the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) where Paysera has direct connections and agreements with each bank including SEB, Swedbank, Nordea and Danskebank.

For most countries, this payment gateway is available on paid plans.

Set up your Paysera account

To accept payments via Paysera in your Ecwid store, you need to create a payment collection project in your Paysera account, copy the generated project data and add it to your store settings.

Step 1 - Create a payment collection project at Paysera

To create a payment collection project:

  1. Log into your Paysera account. If you do not have an account with them yet, sign up for it.
  2. Go to Settings Profile Settings.
  3. Click Change next to Service Management.
  4. Click Order next to the Online payment collection via e-banking and other systems service.
Paysera may ask you to go through additional authentication to be able to order services. You can choose to use the Paysera Mobile Wallet app to make additional login confirmations through it, for instance.


  1. Go to Project and ActivitiesMy Projects.
  2. Click Add new project.


  1. Provide all the necessary information to create a project:
    Project URL address - enter the web address as your project URL.
    Project description - choose the categories for your business and fill in other fields for a new project creation, etc.
    You can edit this information anytime later.


  1. Сonfirm your project by verifying the ownership of your website. For this, copy a meta tag shown below on the project page:


Paste the copied tag in the <head></head> area of your site’s source code. Then return to your Paysera account and click the Check button below the tag.

If you are using Ecwid Instant site and you have a paid plan, insert the meta tag in Ecwid control panel → Website → Header meta tags and site verification field.
  1. Click the Save project button in the right corner below.
Submit your project for review only when your website is absolutely ready to use, the payment platform is connected to your store and test payments have been carried out.
Paysera will review your project within one day after its submission.

Step 2 - Choose Paysera payment options

Select what payment options you’d like to offer to buyers from different countries:

  1. Open your Paysera accountProject and ActivitiesMy Projects.
  2. Go to the project details, and choose the Payment collection service settings option from the Project Settings dropdown.
  3. Scroll down to the Payment methods you would like to accept section.
  4. Click on a country name and pick the payment options that you want to offer to buyers from this country:


  1. Save the changes.

Step 3 - Get your project data

Now that your project is created, a unique project ID and a project password have been generated for it. Copy this data to use it later for your store connection.

To get your project data:

  1. Open your Paysera accountProject and ActivitiesMy Projects.
  2. Copy your project ID (project number/projectid) - you will need it later.
  3. From the Project settings dropdown select the General project settings option:


  1. Scroll to the Data signing section and copy your project password.


Set up Paysera in your store

To add Paysera payment method in your Ecwid store:

  1. Log into Ecwid control panel → Payments.
  2. Scroll down to Other ways to get paid and select Paysera payment method.
Alternatively, you can open the Paysera app in your Ecwid control panel and click Install.
  1. Click the Paysera payment - Settings link.
  2. Enter your project ID and project password in the respective Account settings fields (you’ve copied their values earlier from your Paysera account):


The entered values will be autosaved.
Make sure that this payment method is enabled to offer it to your customers at checkout:

Enable Paysera payment method

That’s it. Now you can place a few test orders to check the result and submit your project for Paysera review. 

Test how it works

Before submitting your project to Paysera, run a few tests to check how the connection works. For this you should enable test modes in your Ecwid store and Paysera account.

To enable test mode for Paysera in Ecwid:

  1. Go to Ecwid control panel → Payments → Paysera Account Settings.
  2. Click on Advanced settings.
  3. Choose the Enable Test mode option.


To enable test mode for your project in Paysera:

  1. Go to Paysera accountProjects and ActivitiesMy Projects.
  2. From the Project Settings dropdown select the Payment Collection Service Settings option.
  3. Check the Allow Test Payments option.
  4. Save the changes.


Place a few orders using the Paysera payment method in your store.

Do not forget to uncheck the Allow Test Payments option in your PaySera account when you are ready to go live.

Submit your project for review

When you are ready to launch sales, submit your project for Paysera review: open your Paysera accountProject and ActivitiesMy Projects and click the Submit for review button next to your project. Paysera will verify it within one day after the project submission.

That’s it. Now your customers can pay via Paysera in your store. Once they choose this payment method at checkout, they will be redirected to Paysera site where they see all the payment options that you’ve enabled in your Paysera account and will be able to choose the one they prefer.

Paysera in Ecwid store

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