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Starter Site is a single-page website for your Ecwid store. The starter site is fully functional to allow you to launch your online store and start selling fast no matter whether or not you added your shop somewhere else (e.g. to a Facebook page or your website). With Starter Site you can launch your online shop and start selling right away even if you do not have any hosting or site yet.

How to use Starter Site

As your start selling point

If you don't have a website yet, your Starter Site is an excellent way for the start (and we name it like that).

As your mobile store version

Ecwid has fully responsive layout. Ecwid storefront can automatically adapt to any screen width. Check out our demo.
If your website does not have a mobile view, you can use your Starter Site as the mobile storefront.

As your main storefront

Starter Site is fully-featured online shop including all Ecwid features and selling tools. Feel free to use it as your main selling channel. 
If however you want to have more features for your Starter Site or add additional pages to it, we recommend to create a website using any web presence platform you like and add your Ecwid store there.


Here are the examples of Ecwid Starter Sites:


How can I brand my Starter Site?

Your Starter Site looks great as soon as you create an Ecwid account and add a few products to your store. Still, you may want to customize your Starter Site’s look and feel to make it more representative of your business. You can update the Starter Site settings in your Ecwid Control Panel at Settings —> General —> Starter Site.

Edit Starter Site Content

You can personalize your Starter site by adding information about your company, your selling locations and operation hours. Let the customers know what is great about your store and what are the advantages of purchasing from you. Add the links to your social networks to your site for your customers to be able to find your anywhere and subscribe to the updates.

You are free to upload a cover image that represents your business. Cover images need to be more than 1000 x 667 px in size. The image can be changed anytime to keep your site fresh, promote sales and events or showcase new products.

Change Starter Site Logo

Upload your logo to the Starter site to make your brand more recognizable. We recommend using images of 240 x 100 px size.

Customize Starter Site URL

Change the name of your URL to match your brand. You can check your Starter Site link in your Ecwid control panel at System Settings -> General -> Starter Site. Default link is http://store[store id] You can change it to your own link on our domain (e.g.,, or make your Starter Site available under your domain or subdomain. 

Subdomain on

  • Log into your Ecwid Control Panel
  • Go to the System Settings → General → Starter Site page
  • Click Change Starter Site URL button.
  • Enter a name into field "Use our subdomain"
  • Click 'Save' 

Subdomain of your own domain

Your Starter Site will appear under your website link or link like (the latter will be your subdomain).

You can set up your own domain for your Starter Site. For example, or

  1. Choose a subdomain at your domain (e.g. or
  2. Add a CNAME record for this subdomain and point it to ''. You can do this through the registrar where you purchased your domain or through your DNS provider. Instructions on how to add a CNAME record can vary at different domain registrars. If you’re unsure of how to do this, we recommend contacting your domain registrar for assistance with this step.
  3. Log into your  Ecwid Control Panel at
  4. Go to the System Settings → General → Starter Site page
  5. Click Change Starter Site URL button.
  6. Enter the subdomain into the "Use your own domain name" field and save the changes. It usually takes up to 24 hours for DNS changes to take effect. It is the time it takes for DNS to refresh the cache on the Internet. So if you cannot save your custom domain yet, please try again later in a few hours.
You can assign your own domain to Starter Site on Venture and higher tier plans. Upgrade to get this feature

Advanced design modifications of the Starter Site

As any Ecwid storefront, your Starter Site is super flexible when it comes to design customization. You can change styles of any text, buttons and other blocks of your storefront by means of CSS modifications. Find more details on the matter in our Help Center.

I want to add more features to my Starter Site: more pages, a contact form, a blog, etc. What should I do?

Starter Site was designed to provide a quick and painless way to start selling for those who don’t have a web site yet. A merchant can register an Ecwid account and start selling online in minutes — that’s why it’s so easy-to-use and lighting fast.

To extend and personalize your web presence, you may want to add extra features or content (e.g. a blog,  or custom menu). At this point, you should consider using one of the sitebuilders or CMS systems widely available on the web (e.g. Wix, WordPress, Joomla or others). That would be an easy switch for you since Ecwid is compatible with any sitebuilder. You’ll get access to the new site building features while keeping all of your store products and settings intact. Just add your existing Ecwid store to your new site and continue selling with no downtime.

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