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Google Gadget

Google Gadget is a dynamic web content that can be easily installed on any platform that supports it - for example, on Google Sites (Classic), Blogger, mySpace, iGoogle, Ning, Hi5 and many others that support gadgets or OpenSocial API.

Each Ecwid store is available as Google Gadget. There are two versions of it: a new and an old one.

Google Gadget v2 (new one)

This gadget version has two modes:
- Compact mode: when the size of the gadget's container is too small (< 500px), the gadget shows some random products and the "Open Store" button. As soon as you click the product or the button, the full mode gets launched. This mode is perfect for blog's or site's sidebars.
- Full mode: in this mode the gadget shows the full Ecwid store. 

To get your Google Gadget link:
1. Copy your Ecwid store ID from the bottom of your Ecwid Dashboard.
2. Replace STORE_ID in the following link with your store ID:

Example of a Google Gadget link for a store with ID 1003: 

Use this URL any time you want to add your Google Gadget to any site or social network that support this technology.

If you want to remove the "Open Store" button, just clear the value of the Button text option in the gadget's settings. If you want to add some text to the header, use the Header Text gadget's setting.



Google Gadget v1 (old one)

How to get it:

2. URL of your store's Google Gadget is 
where STORE_ID is your Store ID. For example: 
Use this URL any time you want to add your Google Gadget to any site or social network.




Advanced parameters for Ecwid Google Gadget v1

You can pass some parameters to your Gadget in order to show or hide some widgets: categories, search and shopping bag.

By default Ecwid gadgets shows horizontal categories, don't show the search box and show the shopping bag at the bottom.

If you want to change this, use the following URL:"Y or N"&search="Y or N"&bag="bottom or top or float" 
Y means it's enabled, and N means that it's disabled.
Possible positions of the bag is the gadget's bottom, its top or it can be floating.
If you don't change the default values, you don't need to add parameters.



Search box and categories are disabled, bag is at the top. 
As you see, we don't add the search=N parameter, because we don't change its default behavior.
Another example. Search box is enabled, categories are disabled, bag has default position: 
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