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Selling on Drupal 7 with Ecwid

Drupal is a popular content management system which allows you to create and manage websites. You can easily add your Ecwid store to a Drupal site using a special Ecwid module, that optimizes product pages for SEO.

Follow this instruction to add Ecwid store to a Drupal 8 or Drupal 9 site.

Installation of Ecwid module on Drupal 7

To add Ecwid store to a website built on Drupal 7:

1. Download Ecwid module (7.x-2.10) for Drupal at and start the installation on Drupal → Modules page as shown in the screenshot:

2. Proceed to Ecwid Store page by clicking the corresponding button at the top. If you haven't signed up for Ecwid yet, register a new account (its free), otherwise proceed with "I already have Ecwid account, sign in" option and specify your store ID.

Ecwid module configuration

Changing appearance settings

Ecwid store → Appearance page lets you quickly configure the way your store is shown to your clients. You can use the following options:

  • The type of product displaying used by default.
  • Number of products for each displaying type.
  • Product category shown by default.

Managing Ecwid widgets

Ecwid offers multiple widgets for displaying different store elements such as Minicart, Search Box, Horizontal Categories and Vertical categories. Each of these widgets can be configured individually on Structure → Blocks page.

Locate the required Ecwid widget in the list and select the desired block of a page as a location for the widget.

Save the changes after that.

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