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Bambora North America

Bambora North America is a payment gateway that you can connect to your Ecwid online store to accept credit cards online. With Bambora, merchants from the United States and Canada can accept USD or CAD in their Ecwid stores.

Getting connection data from Bambora

To connect Bambora to your Ecwid store, you first should get the connection data from your Bambora North America account:

  1. From your Bambora North America merchant admin area, go to the Administration → Account settings → Order settings.
  2. Scroll down to Hash Validation and select Hash Algorithm: MD5.
  3. Copy the entire Hash Key out of the box and save it somewhere.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page to save the changes.
  5. Go to the Administration → Company info page, copy your Merchant ID and also save it somewhere.

Connecting payment method in your Ecwid account

Now, add the connection data in your Ecwid admin:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Payments.
  2. Scroll down to Other ways to get paid and choose the Bambora North America Hosted Payment Form payment method.
  3. Click the Bambora North America Hosted Payment Form — Settings.
  4. Enter your Merchant ID and Hash key that you’ve copied earlier from your Bambora account:


  5. Select the transaction type:
    • Purchase — it is an immediate charge of a credit card. Fits most online stores that sell physical goods and services.
    • Pre-Authorization — it is a temporary hold put on a credit card, you can capture the funds later. Can be used for booking business.
  6. Enter the name for this payment method — customers will see it at checkout. You can simply keep the suggested name.
  7. Make sure this payment method is enabled in your store:


  8. Provide your customers with the instruction on how they can pay you with this payment method.
  9. Save the changes.
New merchants receive login information and merchant ID numbers for accounts that are in “test” mode. Transactions processed through the test environment are free of charge. You should contact Bambora North America to switch your account to the "live" mode.

Next steps

Fraud prevention

You can block potentially fraudulent transactions using a tool called Risk Thresholds.

Risk Thresholds analyzes each transaction and calculates a risk score. Risk score varies between 0.01 and 100 and it represents the probability that the transaction is fraudulent. For example, a score of 10 represents a 10% probability that the transaction is fraudulent. A score of 90 represents a 90% probability that the transaction is fraudulent.

Risk Thresholds is a proactive way of protecting your account against fraudulent transactions and reduce the risk of chargebacks.

To activate Risk Thresholds in your Bambora account:

  1. In your Bambora account, go to Administration → Account Settings → Risk Thresholds.
  2. The default is configured as a Decline for 60 and a Warn for 30. You can edit this depending on your unique business needs. Minimum 0.01; maximum 100.
    For transactions that are greater than or equal to your decline value, the transaction will automatically decline. The transaction line item will be highlighted red on your transaction report.
    For transactions lower than your decline score and greater than or equal to your warn score, you will get an email notification to review the transaction details. The transaction will still process, and will be highlighted in yellow on your transaction report.
  3. Click Update to save these changes.

For more details, visit Bambora Help Center →

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