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  1. How to add a logo to the invoice?
  2. How to add a business registration number to the invoice?
  3. How to edit the invoice template?
  4. Can I preview the changes I’m making?
  5. ​Are invoices translated to other languages?
  6. Useful apps

Customers like to know what they're buying. Without any written proof of what they were charged for, they're likely to distrust the merchant’s pricing, which can lead to bad publicity for any business.

The invoice, which the seller issues to the buyer with details of a good or service the seller has provided, is one of the most important forms of business documentation. Having an opportunity to customize the invoice template, so that it matches the style of your business, is an essential feature for a great number of merchants selling online.

Ecwid provides an easy tool for editing invoices in your store. You can add a personal logo to it, specify your business registration number and even change the whole invoice template.

To access your Invoice Settings, please, open your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Invoice.

How to add a logo to the invoice?

Click on "Upload invoice logo" button and choose the file from your computer: 

Once added, the logo is displayed on the printable sample. You can print the sample to see, if it looks OK, and upload a different image by click on "Change invoice logo" or remove it at all.

​How to add a business registration number to the invoice?

​Displaying some ​kind of seller registration ID on invoices is required in most European and a few other countries. For instance, in the UK VAT Reg No is required, P.IVA is obligatory in Italy, ABN - in Australia, etc.

Click on "Set VAT id" button and insert the value to the editable field. ​​If you click on ‘pencil’ icon, you will be able to edit the default name of tax registration ID as well.
​Once added, the tax ID will be displayed on all invoices in your store.
​The specified Tax ID number will additionally be included to the email notifications sent to your customers by email. By default, the ID number is displayed in the footer of the letter:
If you wish to adjust its position in the letter, please refer to the article on Mail Notifications Variables to know the exact variable you need to move.

How to edit the invoice template?

It’s possible to edit the invoice template with the help of HTML tags and regular expressions.

The feature for editing the invoice template is available for Business and Unlimited subscribers at no additional cost. If you’re subscribed to another plan, please consider upgrading your account to one of the plans, listed above.

​​How do I know which variable or regular expression I need?

​Invoice template uses standard HTML tags and special regular expressions for transferring order details to the invoice. You can add or remove the variables of these expressions, change their positions and make a custom invoice, precisely suiting your needs.

Invoice template uses the same collection of variables as improved Ecwid Mail Notifications. The list of these variables is available in the following article: How to edit mail notifications.

How to remove SKU number from invoice?​

For instance, to remove SKU number from the invoice, you need to delete the corresponding ${orderItem.sku} variable from the template.

Can I preview the changes I’m making?

Ecwid allows to see the changes that you’re performing with your invoice before saving them. While editing, click on "Preview" to see the current look of the template or "Print Preview" to check whether it looks good on paper.

​Are invoices translated to other languages?

There’s a number of special text label variables, which are responsible for changing the language of general invoice headings, like "order", "buyer", "phone", depending on the customer’s browser language.

This is the list of text label variables and their default English wordings:

Variable Text
${textLabels.order} Order
${textLabels.orderComments} Order comments
${textLabels.footerMessage} Thank you for your order!
${textLabels.customerService} Customer service
${} Phone
${textLabels.shippingMethod} Shipping method
${textLabels.paymentMethod} Payment method
${textLabels.discountCoupon} Discount coupon
${textLabels.items} Items
${textLabels.shipping} Shipping
${} Total
${textLabels.shipTo} Ship to
${textLabels.buyer} Buyer

Note, that these variables are automatically translated to another language if a translated label already exists in Ecwid, and the customer is using this language in their browser. Otherwise, the label will show up in English.

The rest content is retrieved from the order details and is displayed as recorded in the order.

How to change the text if it’s not translated yet?

You can check, whether the label is translated to your language in Ecwid Translate Service. If the label hasn’t been translated yet, as a temporary workaround, you can just replace the default variable with the preferable wording, and it will be displayed in the invoice as is, no matter what browser language the customer is using.

This way will also work if you want to change the default variant to your own text. For example, you can change the default footer message from "Thank you for your order!" to "Thank you for choosing us!": just replace the variable ${textLabels.footerMessage} with the wording "Thank you for choosing us!" in the template. ​

​Useful apps

You can also edit invoices with help of the following paid apps from the Ecwid App Market:

Printout Designer

Printout Designer allows you to use pre-made template for invoices (as well as for packing slips and shipping labels) or to create your own template that will fit your business needs.


You can also filter your orders by status or date when they’ve been placed, select all found orders and batch print invoices for them. Besides you can email invoices or download them in form of PDF. You will be able to see the information about whether the order has been printed/shipped/e-mailed from the icons next to each order.

One Printout account can be used only with one Ecwid store.


PrintFantastic app allows you to create great looking invoices as well as sales receipts, gift receipts and packing lists.

The actual layout of each print cannot be changed. However, captions and messages can be edited and set to different language defaults. Also, items can be shown or hidden.


The Invoice Logo, Order Number and Company Address cannot be changed, since these are retrieved from your store.

Freshbooks Integration

Freshbooks Integration allows you to send new orders from your Ecwid store to Freshbooks accounting application.

The latter will create invoices with your company logo and other order details and, if you choose this option, email invoices to customers who just ordered.

From each new order sent by Ecwid the app will also create customers in Freshbooks and, if customer exists, it will assign respective orders to this customer.

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