Sale prices for products

You can manually set sale prices in percentage or absolute value on individual products in your store.

When you put a product on sale for a lower price, that value will override the default price. So the original price will be shown struck out, and the product image gets the label "ON SALE".

Sale price in your store

Setting a "Compare to" price

To show a sale price in your online store, your product details need to include a sale price and the original price, called the "Compare to" price.

To set up a sale price:

  1. From Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Open the product you want to edit.
  3. Click the arrow next to the price:

Click the arrow to set the Sale price

  1. Add the "Compare to" price. This price must be higher than the actual price you sell for:

Add the Compare to price

  1. Save the changes.

And here how it looks on the product page:

Sale price in the product page

You can change the color of the ON SALE label to any color of your choice with the help of CSS code. See Change the color of "On sale" tag in the Ecwid CSS Cookbook.

Customizing sale prices

You can set the display options and rename "compare to" phrase:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.
  2. Scroll down to the "Compare to" price section.
  3. Make the necessary changes.

Sale price settings

To change the "On sale" text:

  1. From Ecwid admin, go to Settings → Edit Store Labels.
  2. Type "On sale" in the search field.
  3. In the found labels, type the text that you want to show instead of "On sale". Changes are saved automatically:


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