iPay88 is the leading online payment services provider for Southeast Asian merchants (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore, etc).

iPay88 accepts online payments via credit card, e-debit, and e-money. iPay88 is also the first and the only local multi-currency gateway provider in the Malaysia. The service complies with the Malaysia Payment System Act and PCI Data Security Standard.

How to set up

  1. When you register an account with iPay88, iPay88 will ask you to provide your request URL. You will need to provide the link to your website home page. For example, if your store is located at the address http://www.example.com/store.html, your request URL would be http://www.example.com/ — the website home page.
  2. Go to your Ecwid admin → Settings → Payment.
  3. Select the iPay88 payment processor for the Credit Card payment method. Save the changes.
  4. Click the iPay88`s Account details link. Enter your Merchant Code and Merchant Key.
  5. Save the changes and enable this payment method.



Please make sure that your store's currency is the same as your iPay88 account's one. Otherwise your payment gateway will not work correctly.

iPay88 supports the following currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, HKD, INR, IDR, MYR, PHP, GBP, SGD, THB, USD, TWD

Error descriptions

IPay88 error descriptions: 

  • Duplicate reference number: Reference number must be unique for each transaction, iPay88 only allowed retries with same RefNo for 30 minutes.
  • Invalid merchant: The merchant code does not exist. 
  • Invalid parameters: Some parameter posted to iPay88 is invalid or empty
  • Overlimit per transaction: You exceed the amount value per transaction.  For Testing account, only 1.00 is allowed.
  • Payment not allowed: The Payment method you requested is not allowed for this merchant code, please contact iPay88 to enable your payment option.
  • Permission not allow: Referrer URL for your account registered in iPay88 does not matched. Please register your request and response URL with iPay88.
  • Signature not match: The Signature generated is incorrect. 
  • Status not approved: Account was suspended or not active.
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