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Adding sale prices through CSV (legacy)

You can set sale prices in percentage or absolute value on particular products or on all catalog in your store. Products on sale will have the original price struck out, and the lower price will be shown as the main one. The product image will also get the "ON SALE" label.

If you have many products in your store, you can use CSV import to quickly update prices in bulk. To add (or edit) sale prices in your Ecwid store via CSV file, you need to download a file with your product data from your store, make changes to it using a text editor or a spreadsheet, and then import the file back into your store.

This article is about a legacy CSV format in Ecwid. If you’ve signed up after 24.05.2023, you have a new catalog import format in your store. To switch to the new format, go to Settings → What's New or contact support.

Step 1 — Export products to CSV file

To get the file with your product data from your store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. If you want to change sale prices for all products, click Export All below your product list.
    If you need to edit prices for particular products, you can select them in the list and then click Export Selected.
  3. Select columns for export. Product name, SKU, Price and “Compare to” price will suffice, but you can choose other columns as well if you need them:


  4. Click Download CSV file.
The file will be exported with the semicolon delimiter unless you pick another delimiter (comma or tab) in the export dialog.

Step 2 — Edit prices in CSV file

To add your sale prices to the downloaded CVS file:

  1. Open the downloaded file in a plain text editor or in a spreadsheet. Use the same delimiter that you’ve used for export.

Here’s how the same data looks like in different editors after you open your CSV file in them:


If there are SKU in your store that start with zero, they may be truncated in your spreadsheet (e.g. '0005' becomes '5' when considered a number). This may cause some issues during import, like duplication of store products. To avoid that, make sure to use ‘text’ format for your data instead of ‘numbers’ format.
  1. Add your sale prices. The "recommended_price" column in the editor is equal to the “compare to price” in your Ecwid store. So you need to move your old bigger prices to the “recommended_price” column and add your sale prices to the "price" column. You can do it manually, for example, by cutting and pasting all the prices from one column to another. Or you can simply rename the "price" column to "recommended_price" and "recommended_price" to "price", then add new sale prices under the "price" column.

    You can use formulas to calculate the discount. For example, you want to offer your customers 20% off all the current prices. If you are on Google Sheets, simply put the cursor to the cell where you want the new price to appear. Type “=” and then click on the cell with the current price for the item. Type “*” symbol for multiplying and then type 0.8 (to get 20% off the number) and click Enter. You’ll automatically get the new price with 20% off:


    Point your mouse to the lower right corner of the formula cell. The pointer changes into a fill handle (black plus symbol) that you can drag to the last row of the sheet. The fill handle will copy down the formulas to all the adjacent cells.
  2. Save the file in the CSV format.
To easily change all the prices in your store at once, you can keep both CSV files — one with original prices and one with sale prices. Use the file with lower prices during Holiday seasons and after it’s over import back the CSV file with original prices. Keep the “Holiday CSV” to use it any time you need.

Step 3 — Import CSV file into Ecwid store

Now you can upload your edited CSV file back to your Ecwid store to add sale prices to the products in your storefront:

You can also add sale prices to products one by one by editing product details or using the Bulk Product Editor tool.

To import CSV to your Ecwid store:

  1. Go to Catalog → Products and click Import Products.
  2. Select the columns that you are going to import — Name, SKU, Price, “Compare to” price and uncheck the unnecessary columns. Important: the column order must be the same as in the CSV file, please re-arrange them if needed. You can drag-and-drop the list items:


  3. Select the delimiter that you’ve used in the exported CSV file (it is semicolon by default).
  4. Remember to uncheck the Delete all products/categories before import checkbox at the bottom of the window.
  5. Choose the edited CSV file from your computer.
  6. Click on the Import button.

After the import is complete, prices in your store will be updated automatically.

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