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Exporting products (legacy)

You can export data with the details of every product in your Ecwid store. The full list of attributes (columns) that are available for download appears in the dialog during export. The data will be downloaded in the form of CSV files. You may want to use the export tool if you want to update existing products via import, get your store data in a table format for importing to third-party systems, for analytical purposes, etc.

This section is about a legacy export format in Ecwid. If you’ve signed up after 24.05.2023, you have a new catalog export in your store. To switch to the new format, go to Settings → What's New or contact support.

To export product data:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Click the Export All button at the bottom of the product list if you need to export all your products:


  3. (optional) Click Filter in the left upper corner to use filters, then tick the products and click Export Selected if you want to export only a part of your inventory (e.g., based on some criteria):


    You can also use the search field at the top of the product list, tick the products you want to export, and click Export All Found.
  4. In the export settings dialog, select the delimiter for your file and the columns that you want to export (by clicking them):


  5. Click Download CSV file.

A CSV file with the data on your products will be downloaded to your computer. You can edit the file and import it back into your current store to update existing products, import the file into another Ecwid store (if you have more than one store) to create a catalog there, or share it with your suppliers.

Please note that if you're offering your store in multiple languages, product data is exported in your main store language.

Product variations are not exported. You can use Bulk Product Editor to view or update variations in bulk.
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