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Adding more features to your store via Ecwid's API

Ecwid's API Platform allows you to add various extra features to your store. For example, you can empower your online business with:

  • Advanced sales reports
  • Integrations with 3rd party services like shipping companies or payment gateways
  • Notifications about store events (using webhooks)
  • Your online store’s inventory synced with your offline catalog
  • Swift data migration when moving from a store on another platform
  • Exquisite storefront design changes and more.

Working with Ecwid API Platform requires programming skills. You can do all the coding yourself if you’re comfortable with it. In case you need help with programming, you can recruit a freelance developer or hire our Customization team.

Main steps while adding features via API

To allow the code to connect to your store via the Ecwid API, you will need a special customization app. Each feature or tool that you want to add requires an individual app for it.

Here are the main steps to take if you want to add features to your store via Ecwid's API:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to the secret Manage your apps page.
    Once you open the page, your first app will be created and installed automatically, and you can start making requests to the Ecwid REST API. On the app page, you will find your public and secret access tokens as well as the app keys (Client ID and Client secret).
  2. Use our API documentation to develop the feature you need.
  3. In the Update app section on the app page, click Contact to let our API team know what features you want to use so we can update data in the App details section (app settings are in the read-only mode).
  4. (optional) To create more apps, click Create in the Add new app section on the Manage your apps page.

That’s it! Your app that’s dedicated to a specific feature is ready to use. You can access it from the secret Manage your apps page.

To disconnect the app and remove it from your store, go to Apps → My Apps in your Ecwid admin, find your app and click Details → Uninstall → Uninstall app. You can always install the app again. For that, go to the Manage your apps page, click Details next to your app, then click Install. Please note that your public and secret access tokens will change after reinstalling the app.

If you have any questions during development or you need to update the app settings (e.g., scopes, URLs, etc.), feel free to contact our API team.

Learn how you can create an app that will be available to all Ecwid customers in Ecwid App Market

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