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If you're selling products that are available in different units/measurements you may want to break down your product prices by units. For example, you are required to show how much one gram of your coffee pack costs. Additionally you can display how many units one product includes. You can set it up with help of "Price Per Unit" and "Units in product" settings that will be shown on the product details page, in the right panel.


Titles "Grams in one pack", "Price per gram" as well as the values are specified by yourself so you can choose any numbers and names. 
The lines are product attributes of General type (Price per unit fields). So first you should configure these attributes and then specify their values for each product. Further instructions are below.

How to enable

You can enable the "Price per Unit" feature in your Ecwid Control Panel Settings General Cart 

Enable the

Attributes "Price per unit fields"

Please proceed to your Ecwid control panel Catalog Product Types. Here you can enter titles for Units in product and Price per unit fields. These values will be shown in your storefront.
The screenshot below is an example of values a store may have:

You might as well sell items in bottles, so you can choose to name the fields Liters in bottle and Price per liter. Or if you're selling several items in one pack, you can have fields like "Items in pack" and "Price per one item".  

Prices and units on product pages

At Catalog Products, enter a product editing page and click on the small arrows next to the price field. It will unfold the fields for the attributes that you set up in the product types. Here you can specify the values that will be shown to your customers. 



How to modify the font and color of the "Price per unit" fields?

These fields have CSS class so you can edit them with help of CSS. Use this CSS code:

.ecwid-productBrowser-pricePerUnit-field {

font: 11px;

color: #4b4b4b;


Change 11px and #4b4b4b to values you need.

German laws require the price per unit to be shown on the product list 

Absolutely, if your store address is German and your storefront is visited by a customer from Germany (Ecwid will determine that automatically), these fields will be displayed on the product listing pages. 

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