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Sometimes products that are sold separately just supplement each other so better to buy them together. You can use the related products feature to show the "You may also like" section. You can do it to promote certain products and make your customers buy more. 

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Related products in a product details page

You can add related items to a product:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products.
  2. Open the page of the product you want to connect the related items to.
  3. Open the Related Products tab:

The related products tab

You have three ways to display related items:

Show specific products as related

  1. Click +Assign Products.
  2. In the popup, check the products you want to show as related:

Select products to add as related

  1. Click Add products.

Display random products from a category

Enalble Display random products and select the number of products to show and the category that contains the products that should be shown as related. If you select Any, the products will be randomly selected from the whole store:

Showing random products as related

Both certain items and random items from categories

You can show the products you chose to display as related and random products:

Show related products in the product page and in the cart page

The related products will be displayed in the product details page under You May Also Like section:

Related products in the storefront

Related products in the cart page

You can show the related products in the cart page as well. The You May Also Like section will appear in the cart page and list the related items specified for the products in the cart. 

To show the related products:

  1. Go to your Ecwid control panel →Settings → General → Cart & Checkout
  2. Scroll to the Related products section. 
  3. Enable the places where the related products should show:

Enable related products

Changing the "You May Also Like" phrase

You can change this title to whatever you like, for example "Customers also bought". Refer to this article for instructions on how to modify texts in Ecwid.

Recommended products in any store page

Ecwid App Market features an app that allows to show auto-generated list of recommended products to your customers on all storefront pages –  homepage, category page, product details page and in the shopping cart page.

Smart Recommendations

The Smart Recommendations app shows an automatically generated products list to the user based on site behavior. You can show recommended products in a product details page, category page, homepage or in the shopping cart. The app also provides sales analytics showing where you are losing clients and giving you insight into where the best results are.

The app is paid with free trial.

New Products and Bestsellers

The New Products and Bestsellers app offers an easy and effective way to display best selling and new products to reach your customers. New Products and Bestsellers can display the products in different store pages: homepage, category page, product details page and checkout pages. Also you can fully manage this in the Ecwid Control Panel.

You can configure 4 types of recommendations: New products in the store; new products in the category; best sellers in the store; and bestsellers in the category.

This app is paid with free trial.

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