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Choosing language of your Ecwid admin

When you create a new Ecwid account, the admin panel automatically chooses the language depending on your web browser settings. The language of your Ecwid admin can be different from your store's language. Changing your Ecwid admin language doesn't affect your store's language and vice versa.

To switch between languages, select the language in the dropdown menu at the bottom of any page in your Ecwid admin:


Ecwid admin is fully translated into the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Dutch
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Russian
  8. Spanish

Also, it is partially translated into some other languages, and the translation process is ongoing.

If you want to translate the Ecwid backend to a new language or you find any mistakes in the translations, please feel free to use our Ecwid Translation Tool.

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