Got an order? Next steps

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Congrats! You got an email or mobile push notification about your first order. Exciting! Here is the basic steps you should do:

If you use offline payment options, you need to contact the customer to arrange the payment.
  • Change the fulfilment status to Processing
You can change order statuses any time to keep the buyer informed.
  • Start preparing the order: carefully pack the product to ensure that the package will be safely delivered to your customer.
  • Fill out the shipping label to save your time at the post office.
  • Go to a shipping company like USPS and send the package.
  • Change the order fulfilment status to Shipped.
Add the tracking number to the order details. When you change the order status to Shipped, your customer will receive a message with the tracking number.
  • When the buyer gets the order, change the order fulfilment status to Delivered.
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